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Trout’s Fly Fishing and Denver Trout’s Unlimed Present the 5th Annual South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam

August 21, 2011
Author: Rick Mikesell

Trout's Fly Fishing is teaming up with Denver Trout Unlimited, and is proud to present the 5th Annual South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam, a fly fishing
tournament that raises money to repair the South Platte River as it runs through the
Denver Metropolitan area.

Denver Trout Unlimited, the organization that stages the tournament, believes that the
metro section of the South Platte can be greatly improved and is taking steps to help fix
the river and surrounding habitat.  DTU’s vision is to create urban oasis, an escape
from asphalt and traffic, and a place to teach kids to fish, boat or care about the

The Carp Cup is awarded to the Pro-Am angling team that records the most total inches
of carp caught during the tournament. However, that is not the only prize (maybe not
even the most important). The entrant that raises the most money to effect the
restoration of the urban South Platte River will be recognized as a DTU River
Conservationist. Trout's Fly Fishing has contributed $1000 to the mission and we hope you will
help us add to that  - We are hoping to raise an additional $1000 or more.

Denver Trout Unlimited’s fund raising activities, including the annual Carp Slam, has
positioned them as an active voice when restoration projects are being discussed on
the metro section of the South Platte River.

“We raised about $27,000 from the past Carp Slam events,” said Todd Fehr, President
of Denver’s TU chapter.  “With this money we’re able to fund certain projects that we
feel will best serve anglers in metro Denver.  There are two big projects that we have
participated in so far.”

Although DTU’s primary focus is to improve sections of the river in effort to create a
sustainable a cold water trout fishery, the improvements will ultimately include
channelization efforts to bring back the deeper runs that were naturally formed in the
river.  Improvements will also include removing silt and sediment, conducting bank
stabilization, and dropping bottom structure so fish have a point of refuge during high

“These projects are very expensive and DTU is using our small donations to help
ensure we have a seat at the table when important decisions are getting made and
when projects are prioritized,” said Todd Fehr, President of DTU.  “Without this money
raised by DTU members and fundraiser participants, we’re not sure that angler’s voices
would be heard,

If you believe that the river in your backyard reflects our commitment to all the rivers in
Colorado, please contribute whatever amount you can. It's easy. Visit our fundraising
page at

and then use the PayPal Donate button below to make a secure tax-deductible contribution, or
contact me if you’d like to contribute without using PayPal. All money raised is
dedicated to projects that improve the South Platte River environment throughout the
Denver Metropolitan region.

Any and all contributuions to this excellent cause are greatly appreciated!!

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#1. Posted by Fly Shop on August 31, 2011

Was a wonderful tournament, helps great causes and is a ton of fun. A++

#2. Posted by Dry Fly McGee on September 1, 2011

Agreed, kudos on the great fishing guys!

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