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Video Spotlight: Cuda Quickie

April 18, 2014
Author: Will Rice

We spent quite a bit of time getting prepared for barracuda before we left for our trip to South Andros Island (you can check out our how-to  'cuda rig videos on our blog and our youtube channel).  Once we were there, we spent more time stalking these aggressive fish on the flats - both on foot and from the boat.  It took a little while to crack the code, but we were finally able to connect. These fish are super fast - and aggressive.  Below is what happened when a 'cuda and a fellow angler met up in shallow water on the flats on day one.

This footage was our last fish on the last day of our six-day trip to Andros South.  It hit a size 6 chartreuse and white Deceiver like a Mack Truck. It was super fun way to end the trip.  Here is a quick diagram of the basic rigging we used.

If you have any questions about targeting barracuda or need help with custom rigging give us a call in the shop at 303.733.1434 or stop in and we'll get you all rigged up.


#1. Posted by Peck Hayne (La. Redfish guide) on May 2, 2014

I’ve used a floating line w a regular fluoro, tapered leader: 40#-4’/30#-2’/20#-2’ w a 12” steel 30# ‘shock’ - tied to a double-hook - in tandem - (green & white Needlefish imitation- with eyes)....They often will pounce on it - super fast- then greyhound leaps often with a few rapid ‘tail-walks’....Really hot for a few minutes, then they give out fairly quickly, but, to me, it’s more exciting than Bones, Permit, Snook or Tarpon.

A Bahamian guide, on Andros, told me to make the first cast in front of the ‘Cuda then rapidly snatch the fly out - before he can even get to it…..then cast the next one 10’ or so behind the fish and pull it out also rapidly….Followed by a super-long cast in front of, and beyond, the ‘Cuda, then put the butt of the rod under your arm and strip the fly in, hand over hand, as FAST as you can, and like a laser-beam, generally, the excited ‘Cuda will rocket to the fly in the blink of an eye. Some exciting and fun!!

#2. Posted by Will Rice on May 23, 2014

Thanks for the comments Peck.  Those are all great observations and recommendations.  We spent quite a bit of time chasing ‘cuda on our trip to Andros South and had one great take on the double-hand retrieve.  The fish took off so fast that the fly line on the deck balled up and never made it through the eyelets.  SNAP!  There is no doubt that stalking ‘cuda on the flats is exciting and fun!  Thanks for following Trouts Fly Fishing.

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