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What the Shuck!  Dealer Rendezvous on the Rio Grande River

July 2, 2010
Author: Trouts Staff

It’s great when you have a boss that has the tarpon fishing trip of a lifetime, they typically come back all smiles and full of “yeses”. Still riding high from jumping 30 and boating close to 15; Tucker to say the least was in a very giving mood. Upon reentry into reality, the confines of Trout’s Fly Shop, Tucker afforded me the opportunity to take his place on the “1st Annual What The Shuck! Dealer Rendezvous-Rio Grande River”. You may be asking what is the meaning behind “What the Shuck!”?  And what exactly constitutes a “Dealer Rendezvous”?

First things first, “What the Shuck!” was a term coined by super rep. Michael White, a.k.a Whitey, for this shin dig.  Taking into account that this inaugural event was to take place stream side on the infamous Rio Grande and at a time when the dry fly fishing was to be at critical mass,  this new term best described both the uncertainty of what was to unfold before us, as well as, providing a wholesome twist on a common exclamatory remark. I hope this begins to paint a clearer picture.

Now to the “Dealer Rendezvous” part of this equation.  Commonly used as a noun, “rendezvous” I believe is best described and defined by MANY of the associated synonyms listed below.

Main Entry: rendezvous

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: get-together or place for get-together

Synonyms: affair, appointment (slightly late due to an emergence of grey drakes, handle of JD and LunaAzul Tequila), assignation, blind date (I didn’t know many in attendance, therefore I went in blind), date, double date (with three to a boat, more like a threesome), engagement, heavy date, matinee, meet, meeting, one night stand (I was told not to comment), tryst, gathering point (Cascada Bar & Grill), hangout, haunt, love nest, meeting place, spot, stomping ground (glorious Creede, CO), venue, watering hole (TommyKnocker Tavern…shot ski anyone?)

Combine these two terms and you get a short list of owners, managers and guides getting together to chase fish, sip on whiskey, brainstorm, smoke cigars, make fun, bbq in the rain and “borrow flies”.  Certainly in no particular order.  Clearer yet??

A few shout outs are certainly in order for this spectacular event.

Michael “Whitey” White:  The grandmaster, orchestrator…big daddy of the event is a highly skilled industry representative (Simms, Ross Reels, Idylwilde Flies) with a knack for poker, multi-tasking and two handing.  With mad “creek cred” and admiration from his retailers, Whitey was able to amass some of the industry’s finest for one heck of a fun weekend.  Thanks Whitey!

Patrick Kilby:  PK was the supplier of all things chewy and is the Director of US Operations for Idylwilde flies.  To say that Patrick came prepared would be an understatement, he had more flies in his duffle bag than all the fly shops in Mineral County combined.  Bug Du Jour for Monday:  Wilcox’s JC Special in olive or gray #10-12, Quigley’s Film Critic Green Drake #12 and Hairwing Drake gray #10-12.  Bug Du Jour for Tuesday: Quigley’s Victory Drake #12, Bloom’s Sedge Hammer brown green # 14-16, Hairwing Drake gray #10-12 and Parachute Adams #10-12.  Thanks Patrick for the use of some of your bugs!

Andy Wunsch: Despite ending his first evening in Creede with an unfortunate misstep, Andy was the “brains” of this trip.  As the Director of Sales for Simms Fishing Products, Andy brought with him the knowledge, answers, open-mindedness and wise ass remarks to keep us retailers educated, in-line and entertained.  Having literally “grown up” in the retail world, Andy was able to understand the needs of specialty retailers and parallel them with the needs of Simms, the manufacturer.  Thanks Andy for sharing your insight and opening your eyes and ears to our needs.

Duranglers and Wolf Creek Anglers:  Arguably some of the fishiest guys around, the guides from both Duranglers and WCA were top notch all the way.  Thanks guides for making all those mayflies emerge, I still don’t know how you do it!  Check them out: and

To sum up this entire event in a concise form would be unjust…but I’m going to do it anyways.  In a few words:

Guides: $$$$$$

Fishing:  INSANITY

The company: INSANE..R

Flies: DIRTY and chewy

New Product: EXCITING

Oh yeah, just so you can hate me more…I’m going back in two weeks.  This time however Tucker and I will be hosting 6 lucky anglers on a trip that is sure to live up to this one.  If interested give us a call, we have a few spots left.

I think I’ll coin this first ever Trout Bum Trip…What the Shuck! Trouts Rendezvous-Rio Grande River.

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