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What’s In This Box?

July 12, 2013
Author: Will Rice

We just received this special shipment today.  The first person who can guess what’s in this box is going to win a prize that we GUARANTEE your friends don’t have.  We’ll let this one run over the weekend and we’ll announce the winner on Monday morning.  Have at it!

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#1. Posted by John Beliveau on July 12, 2013

It is a rod rack.

#2. Posted by Mike pogoda on July 12, 2013

Scott radian fly rods!?!?

#3. Posted by Bookie on July 12, 2013

a cackle of new sage Method fly rods

#4. Posted by peter on July 12, 2013

Some sort of rolling or carry on style gear/rod case. I’m gonna go with fishpond.

#5. Posted by Mike Craig on July 12, 2013


#6. Posted by Michael Sweetenham on July 12, 2013

Scott Radian?!

#7. Posted by Chris on July 12, 2013

Is it the new Sage Method?

#8. Posted by Matthew Brandt on July 12, 2013

fly rod hard case

#9. Posted by TI on July 12, 2013

Scott Radians no doubt.

#10. Posted by Josh Filter on July 12, 2013

Redington Vapen fly rod.

#11. Posted by Matthew Wright on July 12, 2013

Scott Radian fly rods

#12. Posted by Adam Barbour on July 12, 2013

Rad Radians…

#13. Posted by peter on July 12, 2013

some sort of duffle or carry on style rod case. Im gonna go with fishpond

#14. Posted by Adam on July 12, 2013

Scott Radian’s!

#15. Posted by Patrick Roberts on July 12, 2013

Umpqua packs!

#16. Posted by John Roesink on July 12, 2013

The first shipment of Scott Radians…

#17. Posted by Danny on July 12, 2013

Perhaps Scotts new fly rod??  the Radian

#18. Posted by Justin djupstrom on July 12, 2013

Fish rod

#19. Posted by David on July 12, 2013

Redington’s new Super Dry waders

#20. Posted by steve cserpnyak on July 12, 2013

scott stealth fly rod

#21. Posted by David on July 12, 2013

Redington’s Ruckus Youth, Men’s Elite Prowler, Men’s Super Prowler, Men’s Prowler, and Women’s Siren Wading Boots.

#22. Posted by Dan Kagey on July 12, 2013

It’s the initial shipment from Orvis, arriving a few weeks late.  Probably a bunch of Helios 2’s in there.

#23. Posted by Jay Park on July 12, 2013

I’m going to guess the new Sage Method.

#24. Posted by David on July 12, 2013

Bubble wrap and more boxes…

#25. Posted by Murray buck on July 12, 2013

Fly rod blanks?

#26. Posted by Joshua on July 12, 2013

New Simms gear?

#27. Posted by Peggy Stevinson on July 12, 2013

Orvis Helios 2 Rods!!!!

#28. Posted by Mike Nordlund on July 12, 2013

The award winning new Scott Radian??

#29. Posted by Justin on July 12, 2013

Prototype fly rods?

#30. Posted by Gary on July 12, 2013

Winston or St. Croix fly rods…

#31. Posted by Gary on July 12, 2013

Landing nets?

#32. Posted by Tyler Hanna on July 12, 2013

Sage Method rods?

#33. Posted by Sam on July 13, 2013

New William Joseph gear.

#34. Posted by ethan c on July 13, 2013

New oars for a float boat

#35. Posted by Joe Hubelit on July 13, 2013

This is a new fish smoker :)

#36. Posted by Joe Hubelit on July 13, 2013

It’s a new fish smoker :)

#37. Posted by Brandon on July 13, 2013

First shipment of new Orvis gear.

#38. Posted by Garrett Chism on July 14, 2013

Sage Rod Tube

#39. Posted by Jeff on July 14, 2013


#40. Posted by Will Rice on July 15, 2013

It looks like we have a winner from our “What’s in this Box” contest - as does Scott Fly Rods.  Mike Pogoda guessed correctly on Friday that Trouts Fly Fishing had received the new Scott Radian Fly Rods.  As it just so happened, the Radian also was a big winner on Friday collecting the most votes at the ICAST/IFTD show winning Best of Show and Best Freshwater Fly Rod for the Radian series.  Mike, stop in the shop to pick up your new Radian Trucker cap! 

If you have interest in casting the Radian we have them ready to go (4 wt, 5 wt, and 7 wt for right now).

#41. Posted by Bruce on July 15, 2013

Ross Worldwide Multi-Rod Cases

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