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Who’s Behind the Lens?

February 6, 2013
Author: Will Rice

The first member of the Trout’s Contingent to accurately identify the guy behind the lens in this photo wins a SWEET Defend the Upper Colorado T-Shirt.  Here’s a hint: his work is being shown at tomorrow's Surface Film exhibit. Fire away. 


#1. Posted by Fletcher Davis on February 6, 2013

Matt Jones?

#2. Posted by Tom Sadler on February 6, 2013

Tim Romano

#3. Posted by Jay Park on February 6, 2013

Angus Drummond?

#4. Posted by Mike Berenson on February 6, 2013

Adam Barker?

#5. Posted by Will Rice on February 6, 2013

We have a winner.  That was fast! Tom Sadler must have recognized Tim Romano’s floppy hat or DSLR camera - nice work Tom.  Stop into the shop to pick up your Defend the Upper Colorado T-Shirt and Trout’s sticker pack. If you want to check out a presentation Tim is giving tomorrow with the Denver Angling Society (noon-1pm) check out:

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