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Why you should come to this year’s International Sportsmen’s Exposition

December 27, 2010
Author: Trouts Staff

ISE-or-TFFSFor the past three years, Denver has been put in a unique position of hosting two major fly fishing shows on the same weekend in January; The Fly Fishing Show, held at the Denver Merchandise Mart, and the International Sportsmen’s Exposition, held at the Denver Convention Center.  Each year we field numerous questions from the Denver angling public as to which show we suggest they attend, and the answer has always been the same… The International Sportsmen’s Exposition.

There are numerous reasons for this, first being that the ISE show is much better, plain and simple.  There are more reputable shops and manufacturers that attend the ISE show (view the full list of vendors at the ISE show) than The Fly Fishing Show, and the quality of the venue is unmatched.  Second, the fly fishing area of the ISE show’s are co-sponsored by the American Fly Fishing Trade Association, which is the trade organization for the entire fly fishing industry.  This means that a percentage of the entry fee to the ISE show goes right back the the fly fishing industry to promote the growth and sustainability of the Fly Fishing Industry.  The Fly Fishing Show on the other hand is privately owned and operated, with all proceeds going back into the owners pocket.  The third reason for our endorsement of the ISE show is the quality of the presenters scheduled, which include: Pat Dorsey, Landon Mayer, Kirk Deeter, Kelly Gallup, Cathy and Barry Beck, Greg Thomas, Barry Reynolds, Denny Rickards, and Ethan Emery.  And these are just the “fly fishing” presenters.  In addition there is a fly tying theater, as well as great presentations involving numerous other sports.  The last reason to go to the ISE Show over the Fly Fishing Show is that your favorite Denver fly shop, Trout’s Fly Fishing, will be there (hey, we have to plug ourselves too)!  Think about it, we have the ability to go to either show, and we have chosen the ISE Show again.  There must be some reason for this (see reason 1 – 3 for further explanation), right?

So when you’re making plans for the first weekend in January, be sure and plan on coming down to the ISE Show at the Denver Convention Center.  To close, I thought I’d highlight all the deals and special offers we are offering during this 4 day event:

  • Spend $50 or more and we’ll reimburse your $15 entry fee
  • Every person who purchases something from the Trout’s Fly Fishing booth will be entered to win a SAGE TCX Fly Rod
  • All Idilwilde fly patterns are on sale for $.50/fly!
  • Great show specials on everything in our booth from 10% – 75%
  • Additional special deals and offers that will be announced daily at the show
  • Daily Book Signings by: Pat Dorsey, Landon Mayer, Kirk Deeter, Kelly Gallup, Greg Thomas, Barry Reynolds and Frank Smethurst
  • Additional offers and specials that will only be announced at the show!

Some come on down and see us at this year’s International Sportsmen’s Exposition.  We’ll be in Booth R757, we look forward to seeing many of you there!

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