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Yeti Coolers Versus the Competition

June 20, 2011
Author: Admin

Premium Yeti Coolers make the competition seem very abominable indeed

For people who describe themselves as outdoor enthusiasts – fishermen, hunters, campers, boaters, hikers, back-country skiers and snowshoers – there is probably a cooler somewhere at the center of their endeavors. Coolers carry the stuff of life – food, ice, beer. Coolers take home the bounty of nature – fish and game. The cooler is nearly as essential as boots, or maps, or dry socks, or a tent. In fact, considering it holds the beer, the cooler might be the most essential piece of gear.

Yet for most people a cooler of often one of those Styrofoam things you find stacked up on the top of aisles in the supermarket or in 7-11 when you go in for some ice. Occasionally a few people will look for a better cooler at a sporting goods store or even Target, one made of more durable plastic that includes a drain, and perhaps that can be used for camp-fire seating. But even then the hinges break, or it warps, and it still kinda works.

Yet if you are someone who spends a great deal of quality time in the great outdoors, the time has come not to buy a cooler, but rather invest in a piece of equipment designed to meet the rigors of outdoor life for years to come.

Here at Trout’s Fly Fishing we know a lot of people who spend a great deal of time outdoors in pursuit of memories, and we understand what an essential piece of gear a cooler is. In that regard we went looking for a cooler that would hold up to the standards we demand in the other things we hold dear, like fly fishing rods and reels, waders, nets, etc. What we found, and what we are very proud to offer is the finest line of coolers on the planet – PremiumYeti Coolers.

A Yeti, of course, is a form of Big Foot or Abominable Snowman, but the Yeti is found, or so the legend goes, in the Himalayas around Nepal and Tibet. It is perhaps mythical, but if a Yeti did exist it would as fearsome a creature as you would be likely to run into anywhere on earth.

That’s why the Yeti Cooler got the name, because it is to normal coolers the most fearsome, most awesome cooler on the face of the earth. Sure, a Yeti Cooler costs a little more, but when you consider that you will need to buy a ton of cheap coolers over the years that a Yeti Cooler will serve you, you then begin to see its real value.

Rotational-molded construction makes a YETI® cooler virtually indestructible. Ordinary coolers are injection and/or blow-molded, processes that are relatively inexpensive, high-volume manufacturing methods commonly used for everyday products like soda bottles. On the other hand, YETI® Coolers are rotational-molded (roto-molded), like whitewater kayaks, to ensure impact resistance and long-term durability. This process is more costly, but the end result is a cooler with a superior durability advantage.

Yeti Coolers feature T-Rex™ Lid Latches, the same that are used on ATVs. If you have an ATV, you’ll recognize the heavy-duty, rubber T-latches on a YETI®. They’re built to withstand a pounding and they’ll last for years. And, since the latch keepers are molded into the body, they will never fall off.

Yetis feature a one-piece, seamless construction that provides long-lasting durability. Inner and outer shells of ordinary coolers are glued together and the seams separate over time. Both the lid and the body of a YETI® are one-piece and have no seams to fail. In addition, these coolers have the YETI® NeverFail™ Hinge System. The first thing to go on most coolers is the lid hinge; whether it’s a door-style hinge or a molded plastic hinge, it is prone to fail. YETI®’s full-length integrated hinge system will not fail. A full-length, rust-proof aluminum rod connects and holds the body and lid together. Plus, hinge-stops are molded into the lid, so the hinge can’t break.

Yetis also come with unbreakable DoubleHaul™ Handles. These handles have a textured grip and are secured with marine-grade nylon rope. There’s no slippery plastic to hold on to while transferring to a boat or a truck. Attachment points are integrated into the cooler body and keep handles out of the way when not in use.

And don’t forget the Vortex™ Drain System. Broken or leaky drain plugs are another common problem with ordinary coolers. YETI®’s gasketed drain plug is leak-proof and designed to drain when partially open without having to fully remove the plug. The cooler floor is channeled and recessed near the drain plug opening so you can drain every last drop.

The YETI® Tundra™, which is the lion’s share of the models we carry at Trout’s Fly Fishing, is certified bear-proof by the Interagency Grizzly Gear Committee (IBGC) – it meets IGBC standards for bear-resistant containers, having been thoroughly tested in both controlled bear simulations and with wild grizzly bears. With locks in the integrated padlock ports, on two corners of a YETI®, grizzlies get nothing but frustrated.

You can also add accessories to Yeti Coolers to meet your lifestyle: tie-down kits for mounting, corner chocks (heavy duty rubber) to hold the cooler steady, aluminum brackets to secure to a boat, SeaSucker Tie-Down to vacuum-cup the cooler to a boat, a seat cushion for the top, a camo seat cushion, SeaDek traction pad for when using cooler as a platform, bear-proof lock, lockable bracket, and a security cable lock so it won’t get stolen out of the back of your truck.

Yeti Coolers come in more than 10 sizes, from the giant 230 quart Tundra model, to the 25 quart and 15 quart Roadie models, all as durable and any cooler you’ve ever seen.

When you want the very best of everything – and Premium Yeti Coolers fit that bill nicely – come to Trout’s Fly Fishing. Call toll free 877-4643-0034 or Denver local at 303-733-1434 for complete details.

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