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Your Year In Photos: Time To Vote!

December 18, 2013
Author: Will Rice

The finalists for our “Your Year in Photos” photography contest have been chosen and now it’s up to the Trouts contingent to choose this year’s winner!  Big thanks to the Drake Magazine who helped get the word out and who will be donating a year magazine subscription to the winner.  What else is up for grabs?  A $100 gift certificate to Trouts or our Online Store, a Trouts Signature Trucker Hat and Water Bottle and an assortment of Drake flyfishing paraphernalia.

We had a ton of great entries and a lot of creative and thoughtful images - a big thank you to everyone who submitted photos.  But now it is time to pick a WINNER.

Take a look at our customers and followers best fly fishing photos from 2013 and vote on your favorite (one vote only please)!  Each photo is numbered BELOW the image with the person’s name that submitted the entry.  Only votes on our blog will be counted.  We’ll let the voting run for the rest of December and announce the winning image in early January.

1) Kevin Fricke

2) Kurt Olesek - Kurt O is on a walk about somewhere in New Zealand right now.  He sent in this photo taken here in CO back in April 2013 (angler Mark Jero)...

3)  Ben Carmichael - ""This photo is of my dad and I during the best day of saltwater fishing of our lives with guide Todd Fedele..."

4)  Cooper Hopkins - "Here's a photo from Baja. It's not always about the fish, sometimes it's the places you go, and the things that get you there..."

5) Ryan Shannon

6) Chad Bauer

7) A.J. Swentosky

8)  Danny Frank author of Delta Trout Force - "Picking one photo was incredibly difficult.  I chose a unique one that represents the theme for my year, to remember that it's about having fun..."

9)  Doug Hensel Photography - Photo by Kyle Carroll and submitted by Doug Hensel -  "Gunnison valley... roll casting..."

10) Brian Kozminski - This one comes along with a pretty great midwest night fishing story.

11) Cam Scott - "Chasing last light at Grindstone Lakes in Central Oregon.."

12) Scott Tarrant - "On a click and pawl Speyco reel no less..."

13)  Will Rice - Author of Fly-Fishing Secrets Alaska's Best Guides

14)  Carper Davis - "I'll be down tomorrow to drop off some cans!  Here's my 2013 entry..."

15)  Bill Hughes

16)  Scott Kitchens - "'General Sherman' - caught this fish in June...."

17)  Nick Basaraba - "That was the last fish of the trip.  Watching it go cartwheeling all over the place in that sunset still haunts my dreams..."

18)  Mark Vibber - "A San Juan rainbow taken during a cold Feb trip..."

19)  Colleen Austin - "New Mexico..." 

20)  James Jensen

21)  James Hiken - "Taken in Colorado fall 2013..."

22)  Jon Hill - "Not the biggest fish by any stretch but this was from my trip into the South San Juan Wilderness this year and it was one of the most exciting trips I have taken...."

23) Adam Barbour - AK

24) Stephanie Hosain - "This is a photo of my oldest son netting his catch. Fly fishing is his first love and when we got home after this trip and went through the pictures, we were stunned to see this photo.  There was a hole in his net.  A heart-shaped hole.  It speaks volumes to the passion he has for fly fishing..."

25)  Captain Preston Sutter - "Not quite ready..."  This was a late entry that we had to accept - we love tarpon here at Trouts Fly Fishing. 

Time to vote for your favorite photo - you only get one so make it count.  Again, Trouts Fly Fishing would like to say thanks to everyone who submitted entries.  We had a great time fishing with you all this year!  If you want to check out our Dog On the Blog photo contest from earlier in the year CLICK HERE


#1. Posted by Sean on December 22, 2013


#2. Posted by Derek Boyt on December 22, 2013

#9 has the best scope & contrast of the entire lot!

#3. Posted by Bluebird on December 22, 2013

Image number2 Kurt O!

#4. Posted by Bill on December 22, 2013

2 is my vote!

#5. Posted by Bobby on December 22, 2013

#9, snapped right at the cast.

#6. Posted by Ben on December 23, 2013

#2 Mark Jero

#7. Posted by dustin Harcourt on December 23, 2013

#2 pow day or fish?

#8. Posted by Swan on December 23, 2013

Voting for # 2 Kurt O

#9. Posted by Wolf Uberbacher on December 23, 2013

I vote for picture #2.Mark Jero is an awesome angler.

#10. Posted by Rob on December 23, 2013

#9 is the best!

#11. Posted by Heli Reyna on December 23, 2013

#9 best photo!

#12. Posted by DA on December 24, 2013


#13. Posted by Steve Davidson on December 24, 2013

I love Doug’s photo! #9

#14. Posted by Sassy on December 24, 2013

Voting #9

#15. Posted by Ian on December 24, 2013

#9 Doug all day!

#16. Posted by Brandon Waddle on December 24, 2013

She’s a beauty… that #9

#17. Posted by Kimberly on December 24, 2013

#voting for #9!!!

#18. Posted by Allison on December 25, 2013

#9 is the best…looks blissfully beautiful

#19. Posted by Pete Frease on December 25, 2013

#9 Great Photo. Shows action.

#20. Posted by Genie on December 25, 2013

Voting for #9 - Doug Hensel Photography - Photo by Kyle Carrol and submitted by Doug Hensel -  “Gunnison valley… roll casting…”

#21. Posted by Abby on December 25, 2013

#20 gets my vote!! beautiful colors.

#22. Posted by kliner on December 25, 2013

#2 Kurt O. Nice shot of Mark

#23. Posted by Van Dyke on December 25, 2013


#24. Posted by Tanya on December 25, 2013

My vote is for #2 - Kurt Olesek

#25. Posted by Colt Cutback on December 26, 2013

# 2 by Kurt O!!!!!! Sick snow fishing!!!!

#26. Posted by Karel on December 26, 2013

voting for 1) - Kevin Fricke

#27. Posted by Joseph Egry on December 26, 2013

1) - Kevin Fricke

#28. Posted by Brian Lindsay on December 26, 2013

Voting from picture #1 Kevin Fricke

#29. Posted by Brian on December 27, 2013

Kevin Fricke gets my vote with picture #1.

#30. Posted by Daniel Hayes on December 27, 2013

#1 Kevin Fricke, amazing!

#31. Posted by Christine on December 27, 2013

#1 Kevin Fricke
but they are all great!

#32. Posted by Lisa Davis on December 27, 2013

Love #1, great perspective!

#33. Posted by Cheena Deakins on December 28, 2013

#9 is awesome

#34. Posted by Neil on December 28, 2013


#35. Posted by asher on December 28, 2013

I vote for #9. I Believe this photo holds good contrast in both colors of all the surroundings, ie: the color of the river and the mountain side.
Doug Hensel holds solid character and seems to be a fishing PRO!

#36. Posted by Stephanie Mack on December 28, 2013

I vote for #2

#37. Posted by Jonathan Hill on December 28, 2013

Definitely #9

#38. Posted by Dan on December 28, 2013

Voting for #9

#39. Posted by Todd Fedele on December 29, 2013

I would like to vote for #3

#40. Posted by Jack Rothwell on December 29, 2013

Lets go #9. The realism catches the true meaning of the sport.

#41. Posted by Lacey on December 29, 2013


#42. Posted by Garrett on December 30, 2013

Number 9 photo is the BEST!!!!

#43. Posted by BRITTANY MARTINEZ on December 31, 2013

#9 oh my goodness breathtaking. :O

#44. Posted by Malary on December 31, 2013

My vote is for #9!!!

#45. Posted by bob mallard on January 2, 2014

#10.. Nightime brown trout…

#46. Posted by Lin on January 4, 2014

Hands down #1 Kevin Fricke!

#47. Posted by Greg Bennett on January 4, 2014

My vote is for #1

#48. Posted by Eric Ringo on January 4, 2014

#1 is awesome!

#49. Posted by Daniel G. on January 4, 2014

#1, Kevin

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