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Blue River - below Grn Mtn Reservoir

Report Date: 09/14/2013
  • Reporter: Trout's Staff

    Flow Conditions:

    Water Clarity:

    Current Fishing Conditions:

    September River Report

    The Blue River below Green Mountain Reservoir should be fishing well.  Flows have been reduced to 335 CFS as of September 13th.  Streamers should be working as well as should larger attractor nymphs.

    Insects and Natural Food Sources

    Midges, Blue Winged Olives, Eggs will continue to be the primary food sources through the month.  In addition, small stones will produce good results as the weather and water starts to warm up.

    Recommended Flies

    Jimmy Legs sz. 10-14, Tungsten 20-Incher sz. 10-16, Wired Stone sz. 10-16, Tung Teaser sz. 12-16, Copper Johns sz. 16-20, Blooms Baetis sz. 18-22, Mercury Pheasant Tail sz. 18-22, Tailwater Tiny sz. 18-22, Morrish Super Pupa sz. 14-16, Parachute Adams sz. 18-22, Hatchmatcher BWO sz. 18-22, Brooks Sprout Midge sz. 20-24, Special Emerger sz. 20-22, Griffiths Gnat sz. 20-22, Adult Midge sz. 18-22, Butt Monkey, Sex Dungeon, Ganga's, Circus Peanuts, Bottom's Up, Barely Legal

    River Description

    The Blue River below Green Mountain Reservoir is a great fishery, offering a good amount of public wade access fishing.  Please be warned, wading in this area can be difficult, as there aren't well established trails, and there is a lot of lose rock on the river banks.  That said, this has become an increasingly popular angling destination to the fact that it is technially a tailwater, but is tends to fish much more like a traditional freestone river.  Additionally, fish in this section can grow quite large, so don't be surprised to catch fish in teh 20"+ range.  The access below Green Mountain Reservoir is the only public access point for this section of the Blue, so it does tend to get a bit crowded on certain days.  It is also a popular float fishing destination during the spring, summer and fall.


    This section of river is floatable at or above 450cfs.  Below this level you cannot legally float this section of river, and by doing so you are putting everybody's ability to access this river in jepordy.  Tensions between anglers and land owners are mounting, and we all need to respect their ownership rights and not float this river at flows below 450cfs.  Due to a decreased snowpack, we do not anticipate that this river will be floatable during the 2013 summer, but we will ceratainly keep everybody apprised if things change.  Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

    Seasonal Overview:



    Current Hatches: BWO's, Baetis, Midges, Eggs, Worms, Winter Stones

    Recommended Flies

    Dries: Parachute Adams 16-22, Parachute BWO 16-22, Hatch Matcher BWO, Tailwater Humpy 16-20, Brooks Sprout Midge 18-22 Nymphs: Wired Stone 10-16 (Brown, Golden), Barrs Emerger BWO 18-22, Olive Hares Ear 16-20, Pheasant Tail 16-22, Prince Nymph 16-20 Streamers: Olive/White Double Bunny ,Natural/White Sculpzilla , White Sex Dungeon, White Peanut Envy, Tan Butt Monkey, Olive Boogie Man

    Tips & Tricks

    Match the Hatch.  When there's a lot of bugs hatching, change your rig until you figure out what they WANT to eat, instead of making them eat what you want.

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