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Colorado River - Pumphouse

Report Date: 06/06/2013
  • Reporter: Trout's Guide Staff

    Flow Conditions:

    Water Clarity:

    Current Fishing Conditions:

    June 2013 Fly Fishing Report

    The Upper Colorado river is slowly coming back into shape as of the start of June. By the middle of the month, this section should be full on. Salmon flies will make an appearance any day in the Byers Canyon area and above, and even with the off-color water this is not to be missed. By the middle of the month, look for caddis, PMD’s, Golden stoneflies, and Little Yellow Sallies to start up.

    6/6/13 UPDATE:  If you are interested in chasing the salmonfly hatch we have a report from a solid source on 6/5/13 that reported the bugs have moved up into Gore Canyon.  The salmonfly activity through the first two miles above the put-in at Pumphouse was quiet.  Plan on hiking at least 2+ miles to find the hatch or look for them higher up the system.

    Insects and Natural Food Sources

    Caddis, PMD’s, Baetis, Salmonflies (short lived early this month), Golden Stoneflies, Little Yellow Sallies (by the end of the month).

    Recommended Flies

    Stonefly immitations sz. 6-14, caddis dries, pupae and larva patterns sz. 12-16, attractor nymphs such as prince nymphs, copper johns, jumbo johns etc. BWO and PMD nymphs, dries and emergers sz. 14-20, streamers, san juan worms (especially with off-color water), Little Yellow Sallie nymphs and dries sz. 12-16.      

    Insects and Natural Food Sources

    Baetis, stoneflies and midges will be the primary insects fish key in on this month. Eggs will also become present in the system this month as fish begin to spawn. 

    Recommended Flies

    Attractor Baetis nymphs and Emergers sz. 16-20, Smaller flashy stonefly patterns sz 10-16, flashy Midge Patterns sz. 18-22, eggs sz. 12-16, worm patterns sz. 12-14, streamers sz. 4-10.    

    River Description

    The Colorado River from Pumphouse downstream to Dotsero is a very underated fishery in Colorado.  Although it is a very popular destination for outfitters doing float trips, not many wade fishing anglers realize the abundance of public access combined with great fishing and pentiful fish.  This is a seasonal fishery though, so plan on fishing this area from mid-April through the first freeze of the winter.  

    Seasonal Overview:

    Current Hatches:

    Recommended Flies

    Dries: Nymphs: Streamers:

    Tips & Tricks

    A great river to take out a switch rod and swing some streamers.  We have multiple switch rods available of rental or demo.  Give a call to the shop to learn more!

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