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South Platte River - Waterton Canyon

Report Date: 06/21/2013
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    Reporter: Trout's Staff

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    We fished Waterton Canyon in early June, 2013.  The water levels were low and static right around 70 CFS.  The water was clear.  We saw caddis and grasshoppers on the banks and in the water.  The fishing seemed more productive higher up in the Canyon.  The most efficient way to access Waterton Canyon is by bicycle – the alterative is hiking the ~6.5 miles.  Fly patterns that produced fish included a San Juan Worm, the Red Rojo Midge sz 20, and various foam grasshopper patterns.  For a full report about Waterton Canyon from early June 2013 CLICK HERE.

    Since fishing opened back up at the beginning of March 2012, reports have been marginal, mostly due to low water.  There is a bit of concern as to how the work on Strontia Springs Reservoir has affected the quality of the fishing in Waterton.  We do expect fishing to gain momentum once we start to see more significant flows and we get in the summer 2013 season. 

    If you have any reports about Waterton Canyon, call and let us know us know what is happening.  We’re very interested how this section of river progresses in in 2013 as it was once a very fun close-to-home-option here in Denver. If you have any questions about how to access Waterton Canyon call the shop at 303.733.1434.

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