Tucker Ladd

Name:  Tucker Ladd

Title:  Owner

Time at Trout's:  May 2005

Hometown:  Denver, CO.

Years in Colorado:  30+

Years Fly Fishing:  16

FavoriteRiver in Colorado: South Platte River, Cheesman Canyon

FavoriteRiverin the West: Rock Creek, MT

Places I have fished:  (national and international locals)  National: Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Louisiana, Florida, AlaskaInternational:  British Columbia, British Virgin Islands, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Belize, Bolivia

Favorite Rod:  Winston LT 589-4

Favorite Reel:  Ross San Miguel

Favorite Fly(‘s):  Tungsten 20-Incher, Parachute Adams, Copper John, Pheasant Tail

Why do I Flyfish?  To me, fly fishing is more than just a hobby.  It's a lifestyle and a way to have an existence that is close to nature and the natural world.  I fly fish for the comradery it brings with friends and family, but I equally enjoy the simplicity and solitude a day on the water alone can bring.  Fly fishing has become an activity that brings peace and relaxation to my life, and is something that I want to share with every person I meet. 

If I could be fishing right now anywhere in the world, I would be….  On a weeklong float trip with my wife, and two dogs.

When you’re not fishing, what are you doing?  I'll be totally honest that my life has come to rely heavily on fly fishing.  I still love to ski, hike, bike, etc.  But When I get a free day away from work or home, my first choice no matter the time of year would be to spend the day on the water.

Fly Fishing Shop in Cherry Creek in Denver, Colorado

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