Private Instruction

Private Fly Fishing Lessons
Location Number of Anglers
Private Water 1 2 3
Full Day* $595 $595 $830
Half Day* $595 $595 $830
Public Water 1 2 3
Full Day $395 $395 $530
Half Day $295 $295 $420
Hourly 1 2 3
Price Per Hour $75 $75 $100

Private Fly Fishing Lessons

Our private fly fishing lessons are tailored to fit your needs.  These lessons are a "build your own" format that can include any of the following topics: Casting, Nymphing, Dry Fly Fishing, Reading the water, Knot tying, Fly selection, Fly Fishing Colorado's public waters, and more. The focus of our private fly fishing lessons is to make you a more self sufficient angler. In doing this we will strengthen your areas of "weakness," and improve your overall productivity on Colorado's amazing public waters.  So whether you're a novice angler, or a seasoned verteran looking to sharpen your skills, consider one of our private lessons to help take your angling experience to the next level.

* Prices for Private Water Lessons are for Rowdy Trout Ranch, WCR, or YR Ranch, both of which are exclusive properties to the Trout's Guide Service.  These trips can take place at any of our other private water fisheries, price will vary depending on the location.


Private Casting Lessons
  Number of Anglers
  1 2 3
Price Per Hour* $75 $125 $175

Private Casting Lessons

There is only one way to get better at casting, practice the right way! Allow us to help you avoid the pitfalls of casting though a one on one casting lesson. Casting lessons can focus on whatever topics you choose, including basic casting, roll casting, spey/switch and distance casting (*two hour minimum).


Private Fly Tying Lessons
  Number of Participants
  1 2 3
Price Per Hour $75 $125 $175

Private Fly Tying Lessons

Our private fly tying lessons are true made-to-order lessons, focusing on whatever topics of fly tying that you need help with. Popular topics include tactics for beginners, parachutes, epoxy, saltwater flies, etc

Fly Fishing Instruction

Trout's fly fishing offers angling university to provide fishing classes for fly fisherman of all experience levels including dry fly fishing for Western trout, salt water fly fishing and tie flying technique. Trout's will help you acquire the knowledge and equipment you need to make any fly fishing trip successful.