Gore-Tex Repair Kit

Gore-Tex Repair Kit

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Product Overview:

Made specifically for GORE-TEX® products - a great kit to keep on-hand for easy repairs to your GORE-TEX® waders or outerwear.


Product Description

  • Kit includes one 2" x 4" rectangular patch
  • 1/4 ounce tube of AquaSeal®
Do you know how to find a leak in your pair of GORE-TEX Simms Waders:
  1. Turn your waders inside out and locate where you believe the leak may be.
  2. Get a spray bottle and fill with rubbing alcohol.
  3. Liberally spray the suspected area(s) with a fine mist of the rubbing alcohol.
  4. Wait a minute.
  5. Any leak, scratch, tear will appear as a blueish/purple spot(s).
  6. Mark with a Sharpie Marker and let the area completely dry.
  7. Apply Aquaseal to pin holes, "scratches" and let dry over night.
  8. If you suspect a more significant tear, you can liberally apply the Aquaseal over the tear.  Place patch over tear/Aquaseal and add additional Aquaseal to the perimeter of the patch.  Let dry over night.
  9. If you suspect a leak in the neoprene bootie or on any seam, we HIGHLY recommend bringing them in and we'll send them back to Simms on your behalf. 
Check out Simms Fishing Products site for additional help and information: 


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