Rio Extreme Tippet

Rio Extreme Tippet

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Product Overview:

An incredible braided tippet material with an exceptional strength to diameter ratio that makes it the strongest tippet material on the market. With no stretch at all there is incredible sensitivity for bite detection and for instant hook ups.

Product Description

Three sizes:

5X: With no stretch and superior strength the 5X is an awesome nymphing material. It is especially great for Czech nymphing with its super sensitive bite detection.
4X: A general purpose size ideal for hoppers and other terrestrials, especially when fishing tight to the bank.
3X: Stiff enough to turn over bigger flies and superb for streamers.

5X (0.006", 0,152mm); 10lb (4.6kg)
4X (0.007", 0,178mm); 15lb (6.8kg)
3X (0.008", 0,203mm); 20lb (9.1kg)

20 yards per spool
Color: Black

Extreme Tippet is very, very strong and has a slick coating that can result in the failure of standard fishing knots. To get the very best in performance from Extreme Tippet we recommend the use of a triple or quadruple surgeon's knot when joining together two pieces of Extreme Tippet (or if joining it to regular nylon). We also recommend the no-slip knot for attaching flies (an illustration is attached with each spool).

Warning: The ultra-thin diameter and very high tensile strength of Extreme Tippet makes it tough to break (and cut). Be careful if hooked to a snag that the fly or line does not fire back into your face when pulling for a break. Also, handle with care when


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