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Simms Technology - GORE-TEX® Shells



In 2014, All GORE-TEX® Simms products will come in 3 Shells:  GORE-TEX® Pro Shell, GORE-TEX® Shell and GORE-TEX® Soft Shell. 

GORE-TEX  Pro Shell

The GORE-TEX® Pro Shell is Simms's most breathable GORE-TEX® product. The lightweight fabric is 100% waterproof and very durable, even in the toughest conditions.

GORE-TEX Performance Shell

The GORE-TEX® Shell is Simms' most rugged GORE-TEX® layer. It's waterproof, breathable and will save you a few dollars over the GORE-TEX® Pro Shell.

GORE-TEX Soft Shell

The GORE-TEX® Soft Shell is designed to keep you warm when the weather just doesn't seem to want to let up. With the same waterproof and breathable qualities of it's two counterparts, your guarenteed to stay comfortable on a long day on your favorite river.

Did you know? Every stitch in a seam is a potential leak. For durable waterproofness GORE-TEX® products rely on GORE-SEAM® tape applied by specially trained Simms personnel.

GORE-TEX® Pro Shell and GORE-TEX® Shell offer 3-layer and 2-layer construction.