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MayFly™ Fly Float Holder™

MayFly™ Fly Float Holder™

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Quick Overview

  • Original locking cap design now in color!
  • Design prevents loss of floatant bottle
  • Quick visual check on floatant levels
  • Multi color webbing in assorted patterns
MayFly™ Fly Float Holder™

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Product Description

MayFly™ on MayFly™: At MayFly™, we believe that the perfect accessory is always evolving. Products should always be improving and changing for the better. Perfection in design is a moving target. As materials change, ideas on how the product should perform change, too. Over time, product design should evolve. Many of the changes over the years are slight, but our target is always to bring a better product to the flyfisher. What does that mean to you? That when you buy a MayFly™ product, you are buying The Best solution for a fly fishing problem available at that time. It also means that in the future, we may improve on that design and that we know that you would want to keep current with our products! Our product designs are based on the timeless concept of form and function, and the simplest design is often the best solution. Most of our products may seem simple and functional, but behind them lies years of research and revisions on and off the water. Our obsession guarantees you better products! At MayFly™ we're Obsessed with two things: Fly Fishing & Design! It has been said that if you come up with a solution to a problem, you have a business. There is never enough time on the water, so make the most of it! The better organized fly fisher will fly fish more efficiently. MayFly™ products are found at the Best Fly Fishing Retailers in the world! If your favorite retailer does not carry them, send them to our web site, and you'll be glad that you did!