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Grillo's Bob Gnarly

Grillo's Bob Gnarly

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Quick Overview

The Bob Gnarly is the product of Andrew Grillo's, signature tier for Idylwilde Flies.  Mr. Grillo's is known for tying ultra durable and amazingly effective fly patterns, and the Bob Gnarly definitley meets this criteria.  Tested and developed in Alaska, this mouse pattern is tried and true.

  • Available Color:  Tan
  • Available Size: 4
Grillo's Bob Gnarly

Product Description

About Andrew Grillos

When I think of Grillos, I'm reminded of driving Mach 9 toward the Taylor River in my rig, Black Death, while listening to hardcore metal cranked to 11. His arm, sleeved in tats and a black Misfits shirt, is holding a cool one while he recounts stories of huge rainbows that had fallen prey to his unique "guide-style" flies. I say "guide-style" because they're bombproof so he doesn't have to tie all night, well thought-out to serve an actual fishing purpose and so unique not everyone on the river already has them. His B.O.B. series of flies culminate years of fishing and are legendary in the Gunnison's Black Canyon. His El Caminos are sweet low riders that get the job done when others are not producing. Andrew has been a full-time guide for over 10 years, he's world travelled and his dedication to the craft is world class!

—Michael Whitey White
Industry Rep and Kanektok Legend