Trouts Fly Fishing is proud to employ some of the finest professional fly fishing guides in the country. From the urban Denver South Platte, to the iconic Colorado River, our guides are waiting for the opportunity to curate a fly fishing experience that you will not soon forget. Whether float or wade, private or public, 1 person or 20, Trouts Fly Fishing pride ourselves on the ability to meet our customer's needs, and go the extra yard.

Zeke Hersh
Scott Dickson
Josh Diller
Austin Campbell
Courtney Despos
Sam Kinney
Sean Cowman
Woody Kiehl
Kevin Murphy
Jonathan Hill
Ian Sullivan
Sam Wright
Kaleb Orrock
Jason Braun

Zeke Hersh

General Manager - Frisco, Professional Fly Fishing Guide, Certified Guide Instructor

Where are you from?
Wenatchee, Washington

When did you start fly fishing / how long have you been fly fishing?
I started my freshman year in high school and caught my first fish on a fly between two a day football practices, soaking my legs in the Wenatchee River. So that brings me to fly fishing for 32 years.

Why do you love being a fly fishing guide?
I love teaching people the art, science, technical and strategic aspects fo the sport. To me, I am always fishing just sometimes vicariously through my clients.

Favorite species to target?
While I love all that trout have to offer, right now Tarpon are what I froth about.

Favorite gear to use:
For trout, I love the Scott Centric and Flex rods in 905/4 versions. Then add the new Scott Sector in a 6wt and then a 9ft 12 weight for Tarpon and I am set. Nautilus Silver King for the Tarpon rigs and a Ross Gunnison for the trout rigs.

I am an avid snowboarder, backcountry snowboarder, mountain biker and surfer whenever possible.

Random Fact:
I keep my house and boat tidy and clean, probably from living in a van as a young 20 plus-year-old. Everything has its place. The guys around the shop refer to me as either the "Professor" or "Major Pain" which completely depends on them.

My Favorite Gear

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