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2020 Fall Fishing Forecast

Ivan Orsic / Sep 9, 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we all must learn to expect the unexpected. The recent early snow, combined with hurricane force winds that roared through Colorado was a far cry from the bone dry heat we have experienced through much of the summer. While the 60 degree plus drop in temperatures took everyone in Colorado by surprise, there is little doubt that this weather interruption will offer a huge boon to the remaining Summer and Fall fishing seasons. Allow me to explain.

Prior to this week, most every river in Colorado was plagued by low water, and high water temps, an unfortunate, lethal combination to trout. As the weather begins to clear this weekend, we’ll be left with watersheds that have been given a boost of adrenaline in the form of below freezing temperatures, and a fresh layer of snow ready to replenish our river with cold, clean water. Combine this with a forecast of moderate and seasonal temperatures for the coming 10 days, and we have a recipe that will tee up an insanely good Fall fishing season.

Another notable benefit of this recent bout of cold and moisture. will be in helping to suppress the forest fires raging across Colorado. And while this hasn’t been a season-ending weather event, it will give firefighters the upper hand to increase containment on the fires, with the end result of less smoke clogging the skies.

So what can anglers in Colorado expect to encounter when out on the water this fall? In the coming weeks, brown trout will start their annual spawn, which will make these fish extra aggressive during this period. With that said, anglers will need to be attentive to spawning redds, and avoid fishing in these areas. Kokanee Salmon ( landlocked sockeye salmon) will start their annual spawn migration out of numerous reservoirs across the state, a very popular seasonal target species of the fall season. The remaining trout and warmwater fish species on the front range will begin to feel the hints of winter, and will follow suit by eating more frequently and aggressively to prepare for the upcoming Winter season.

In terms of insects, the cooler temperatures of Fall will usher in smaller mayflies and caddis, and many of the larger insects of summer will begin to wane. With lower flows and ample bug life, fish will still be looking up, so make sure to have a seasonally appropriate selection of dry flies in your fly box. Nymphing will remain very productive, particularly when using egg imitations as your main attractor fly. Lastly, due to the increased activity of resident trout populations, streamer fishing is always a good bet come Fall.

I want to close out this fishing forecast with a huge THANK YOU to the Colorado Fishing Community for your support and patronage through 2020! This year has been unprecedented in so many ways, and the constant reminder from you as to the importance of fishing in all of our lives, is a driving force for all of us at Trouts. We are humbled by each and every customer that comes through our door, and we greatly look forward to continuing to assist you all in getting out ont the water. So come on by the shop, our home is your home, or maybe we’ll see you out on the water.

Kind regards,

Tucker Ladd

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