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2020 #OptOutside & Toy Drive Winners Announced!

Ivan Orsic / Dec 2, 2020

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who participated in the virtual version of our #TroutsOptOutside2020 River Cleanup. Over 30 entries were hashtagged with #TroutsOptOutside2020 from public accounts. All said and done, an awful lot of trash was collected and our home rivers and rivers across the country are better for everyone's Black Friday weekend efforts.

Additionally, we'd like to thank Scott Fly Rods, Simms Fishing Products, Umpqua Feather Merchants, and Airflo USA for their generous donations. With their help, we were able to put together some terrific prize packs for a good cause. Mother Nature. Without further adieu, check out the winners of #TroutsOptOutside2020!

FIRST PLACE - Michael Leaves

Michael was a one-man river cleanup machine over the long weekend. There were a lot of great cleanup efforts across the country for #TroutsOptOutside2020, but Michael cleaned the Big Thompson, Clear Creek, and Boulder Creek over the course of three days. Hats off to Michael for a job well done!

Michael wins (1) Scott G Series 5 weight - 8 foot 8 inch fly rod, (1) Simms Dockwear Tote - 40L, (1) Umpqua Phantom X Tippet (4-5-6x) - 3 Spools Total, and 2 Airflo Trout Lines.

SECOND PLACE - Rich Ahrenkiel & Dennis John McCarthy

It was a close race for second place, but the volume of Rich and Dennis' haul was impressive. From old used gifts and beer bottles to tires and boat equipment, Rich and Dennis grabbed a whole heap of trash. Thank you guys!

Rick and Dennis win (1) Simms Dockwear Tote - 40L, (1) Umpqua Wader ZS2 Wader Compact Chest Pack, (1) Umpqua LT Midge Fly Box, Umpqua Deceiver X Tippet (4-5-6x) - 3 Spools total, and 2 Airflo Trout Lines

THIRD PLACE - Luis Bejarano

Luis went to a target rich environment on the Denver South Platte and picked up a wide variety of unique urban fishery trash including some generic blue pills that are used for spawning. Well done Luis!

Luis wins (1) Simms Dockwear Tote - 40L, (1) Umpqua Perform X Tippet (4-5-6x) - 3 Spools total, and 2 Airflo Trout Lines.

FOURTH PLACE - Will Bussard

Will and his kids might not have picked up the most trash, but they win for creativity. The story they created for all of the found trash from their day on the river was hilarious. Well done Bussard crew!

Will wins 2 Airflo Trout Lines.

FIFTH PLACE - Wrenn & Arturo Pacheco

New bucket seat for the tying bench? Check. This father/son team had a nice haul on their homewaters in Kansas. Job well done Pacheco Family!

The Pachecos win 2 Airflo Trout Lines.


This year's haul was different than year's previous as most of you participated digitally. That doesn't mean it wasn't impressive. With your help, we collected and raised more than $500 in toys and donations for the children and families of Warren Village. It truly is a testament to all of you who took time out from your holiday weekend to pick out and drop off brand new toys or donate your hard-earned money for the children of Warren Village. A truly amazing organization, Warren Village helps low-income single-parent families achieve personal and economic self-sufficienty - and to sustain it by being dedicated to improving their lives and creating a better future for their children and themselves. We are proud to support Warren Village and can't think of a better organization to support this holiday season!

Today, we drew names out of the proverbial cap and Kathleen Rooney's name was grabbed. She has won a "starring" role in an upcoming 2021 episode of Five Flies with Scott Dickson & Tanner Smith! Congrats Kathleen!

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