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The 2020 Trouts Fly Fishing Gear Guide

Ivan Orsic / Nov 27, 2019

As 2020 approaches, we wanted to drop by with on-the-water-tested recommendations on the best new fly fishing gear for maximizing performance, minimizing failure, and making sure good times are had all year long on the water. Without further ado, the 2020 Trouts Fly Fishing Gear Guide.


The NRX+ is the replacement to the now iconic NRX. With 20 individual actions for specific freshwater, saltwater, and two-handed applications, the new NRX+ utilizes a reimagined version of Loomis proprietary Multi-Taper Design technology. This redesign widens the power and recovery "sweet spot" and produces performance with feel regardless of casting distance.

Ross Reels San Miguel Fly Reel

With blends of old and new, Ross took all of the elements that made the original iconic and blended in modern machining and materials to make a damn good-looking, high-performing trout reel. It's the return of the legend and we're pretty damn excited.

SIMMS G4Z Stockingfoot Waders

With over 16,00 hours of field testing, the new G4Z waders are the most feature-laden, abrasion-, puncture-, and tear-resistant wader on the market. Obviously, the waterproof zipper is key, but the new patented stockingfoot construction is straight class. The stockingfeet are compression-molded and enable a more comfortable fit that allows for increased circulation (which keeps your feet warmer for longer).

SIMMS G4 Pro Wading Boots

What's a pair of new waders without the best boots money can buy. Stable, durable, and comfortable - the all-new G4 Pro Wading Boots are built to stand the test of time. With a brand new Vibram HydroGrip outsole that has receptacles meant for easy insertion and removal of cleats, the G4 Pro Wading Boots are a great addition to your wading system.

RISING Travel Net

Traveling with a net is pretty cumbersome, especially when air travel is involved. Our good friends at Rising took their classic Lunker Net and broke it down...quite literally. The Travel Net breaks down into four pieces and fits into a very packable Up-Cycled bag. This is also a great option for those anglers who love hiking into the backcountry, but don't want to spend all those hard-earned miles lugging an unwieldy net to those elusive cutthroat lakes.

Scientific Anglers ECOastal Stripping Basket

Your average trout fisherman probably has no use for a stripping basket. But, if you like hunting big toothy critters or tossing sinking lines for cruising stillwater trout, chances are you've been in need of an effective line management system. Enter the ECOastal Stripping Basket. With thoughtful design features like the flexible spike inserts that prevent line tangles, superior ergonomics and a half-open tray design, the ECOastal Stripping Basket is easy-to-use. Which, turns pretty important.

Scott Sector Fly Rod

Replacing the Meridian was a tough task, but luckily the folks at Scott were up to it. The all-new Scott Sector packs a lot of punch and there is quite a bit of new technology introduced with the new Sector, like Scott's new Carbon Web and ReAct technology. Sure, it's powerful. Sure, it's accurate. But, we were most impressed with it's ability to handle long pickups, a must when fishing for big game.

Umpqua LT Payload Boat Box

This large-format box comes in two varieties: Freshwater (with slits for trout-sized flies) & Saltwater (with larger slits for saltwater flies & big streamers). Perfect for the boat, the skiff, or your backpack if you're all about carrying one box.

Scientific Anglers Absolute Leader & Tippet

It's no secret that we love the new Absolute Leader and Tippet material from Scientific Anglers. With wet knot strength that's 40% stronger than it's competitors, the new Absolute Leader & Tippet are shop favorites for good reason. As the last connection to the fish, it's always smart to give yourself the best shot to land your fish of the year. The packaging is also bio-degradable | which is nice.

Umpqua ZS2 Ledges 650 Waist Pack

We're huge fans of the new ZS2 line of packs and bags from Umpqua. Utilizing molle webbing, you can build your perfect pack by adding the multitude of ZS2 accessories that Umpqua offers. Thoughtfully designed and ready to personalize - the ZS2 packs and bags are winners. We particularly like this spacious waist pack.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Salt Fly Line

Arriving to shop in January 2020, the Amplitude Smooth Infinity Salt fly line is a must-have for future saltwater trips. I had a chance to field test this line in Belize in October and was nothing but impressed. The longer head length allowed for more accurate shots at distance. Combine that INFINITY taper with the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability. This is a winner of a fly line that should be on your gear list for your upcoming Saltwater trips.

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