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2022 Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffers

Ivan Orsic / Dec 12, 2022

Fly fishing and stocking stuffers go hand in hand. Every self-respecting fly angler loves a new tool, a doodad, a pair of COOL fly fishing socks, or something that reminds them of the sport they love so much. With that in mind, we compiled a list of the 12 Best Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffers for the 2022 Holiday Season. Check it out!

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Gifts - Drinkware
Rep Your Water Old Fashioned Glass
Rep Your Water Old Fashioned Glass
Gifts - Misc, Gifts
Flyvines Bracelet
Flyvines Bracelet
Fishing Accessories - Fly Boxes
Fishpond Fly Puck
Fishpond Fly Puck
Fishing Accessories - Misc, Fishing Accessories
Scientific Anglers Fly Rod Sleeve
Scientific Anglers Fly Rod Sleeve
Clothing - Headwear
Dead Drift Tattoo x Trouts - Vintage Corduroy Cap
Dead Drift Tattoo x Trouts - Vintage Corduroy Cap
Gifts - Drinkware
Rep Your Water Enamel Camp Mug
Rep Your Water Enamel Camp Mug

Sight Line Provisions Cuff Trout 2.0 Brown

Have you or the angling friend in your life ever wanted to be the coolest person in the room? Thanks to our good friend Edgar Diaz of Sight Line Provisions - it's entirely possible. All kidding aside, Edgar makes some handsome, handmade leather cuffs that effectively communicate your passion for the outdoors and fly fishing and fit perfectly in a stocking. Just saying...

Rep Your Water Enamel Camp Mug

What angler doesn't want to sip on a little something something that's housed in a badass-looking enamel camp mug? We're going to go out on a limb and say that these are perfect for every angler that's ever existed ever.

Why? Everyone loves drinking fluids. Whether that be coffee, water, or maybe a drink of a stiffer variety, this camp mug is a little functional piece of art that works for anyone.

Dead Drift Tattoo x Trouts - Vintage Corduroy Cap

These hats are cool. Very cool (IMHO). We collaborated with AJ from Dead Drift Tattoos to create a Vintage Corduroy Hat that's embroidered with a Trouts logo inspired TROUT and is perfectly suited for the special angler in your life.

We wouldn't recommend folding this bad boy up and stuffing it in a stocking. Wouldn't want to ruin the brim...or the form. So, it's really not a stocking stuffer. More of a stocking topper.

Rep Your Water Basecamp Belt

A belt is always a nice gift that can pack into any holiday stocking. If there's an angler in your life, chances are they wear pants. We don't want to assume too much, but we'd venture to guess those pants have belt loops.

Designed to keep your pants secure around your waist, these Rep Your Water Basecamp belts will keep anyone's pants up, even the most notorious of plumbers (especially angling plumbers).

Rising Ultralight Pliers

Pliers or Hemostats serve a variety of purposes for fly anglers on and off the water. We've always been a fan of the design of Rising's pliers. These Ultralights have a 3-Click lock, internal spring, attachment hole, large serrated scissors, and flat tapered tips. Any angler would be pumped to get a pair of Rising Ultralights in their holiday stocking.

Scientific Anglers Fly Rod Sleeve

Is the angler in your life a klutz? Do they break every they touch? Well, we've got a solution for their problem. Enter the Scientific Anglers Fly Rod Sleeve.

The unique braided construction perfect for storing fully rigged rods or rods broken in half. Store your rod on the boat, in the truck, and the like. Protect your tips, your guides, the fit and finish of your rods while in storage or transport.

Fishpond Fly Puck

These fishpond fly pucks are the perfect stocking stuffer. You could stuff a variety of stocking stuffers inside of these stocking stuffers. Pretty meta, huh?

As an added bonus, the stocking stuffers can stack on top of each other. Making your favorite angler's stocking wildly stuffable for the big day.

Flyvines Bracelet

There's nothing us anglers like more than letting other people we have an outrageous passion for fly fishing. Constructed out of recycled fly fishing lines, Flyvines are the perfect vessel to subtly let people know - "Hey, I'm a fly angler. NBD."

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, a fly angler could have a whole collection of on-wrist declarations to put some respect on their name. They wave a fly rod back and forth for 8 hours and nerd out about mayflies - so what?

Pocket Guide to Fly Fishing

Gary Lafontaine wrote this pocket guide. That guy loved fly fishing so much that he snorkeled around some of Montana's most famous rivers in order to check out what the fish were seeing. So, you know this guide to complete and accurate. A comprehensive introduction to the sport of fly fishing, the Pocket Guide covers topics including fly reels, fly lines, leaders, knots, hooks, food sources, fly patterns, strategies, and fly casting among many others.

RepYourWater Socks - Streamer

Socks. We're here to declare that socks are necessary for all of us. There's a lot of controversy surrounding socks as a gift. Some think they are too utilitarian for the holidays - others disagree.

No matter what side you fall on, the simple fact remains that socks should be worn by basically everyone. With that in mind, we contend that you should wear cool socks and so should the favorite anglers in your life. Good thing for you, RepYourWater made some very cool fly fishing socks.

Cody's Fish Colorado License Plate Trout Ornament

Trout ornaments made from Colorado license plates. Nothing could scream "I LOVE CHRISTMAS AND FLY FISHING FOR TROUT" any louder. If you have a Christmas tree, it needs decoration.

If you're on this website reading this blog, you probably fish or know someone that does. Therefore, you should buy this ornament. 1+1=2, friends.

RepYourWater Old Fashioned Glass

RepYourWater is cool, Fly Fishing is cooler, and an Old Fashioned being slowly sipped out of this dry fly glass by the most hipster angler you know is even cooler.

Oh, come on. You know the type. SIMMS gear from head to toe and a pair of Blundstone boots with the ankles of their pants cuffed... maybe a fishing-related tattoo or two.

Definitely a beard or some patchy facial hair, at the very least. Anyway, they'd like this glass. You should buy it for them.

I hope you found this year's Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide helpful in your search for the perfect gift this holiday season. This list makes great stand-alone gifts and always a few fantastic add-ons for those hard-to-shop-for individuals.

As always, if you have any questions about items or need a bit more clarification, message us over live chat, give us a call over the phone, or visit us at the Denver or Frisco locations. Or, come swing by the shop, and we will help you get dialed in for this holiday season.

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