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7 Reasons YOU Should Choose Trouts Guide Service

Ivan Orsic / Aug 13, 2015
(banner photos courtesy of Ted Stedman)

Fishing with other fishing guides is one of my personal favorite things to do that involves a fly rod. The never-ending learning process that encompasses this great sport is one of the aspects that I know draws many of us back time and time again. It would be impossible to argue that spending a day with a good fishing guide is one of the best ways to add to your knowledge bucket. But then there's the flip side. The bad ones. The unprofessional ones. The ego-driven ones. The ones that just leave a bad taste in your mouth. And while it's no secret there are 'bad eggs' in every industry, choosing a good fly-fishing guide is definitely an area you don't want to fall victim to. So with that being said, here are 7 reasons why YOU should choose Trouts Guide Service for your next guided fly fishing trip.

1. Local Knowledge- When it comes to fishing, there is no substitute for time spent on the water. No matter how many videos you watch, how much gear you buy, how many blogs you get on, there is nothing that is going to consistently put fish in the net like time on the water. Our guide's lives revolve around our home waters and have seen them when they're at their best, as well as when their at their worst. Rest assured, the plethora of knowledge that each and every guide has to draw on to 'crack the code' on any particular day is unmatched. Our guides average at least 100 days a year on the water between guiding/personal fishing, with several of them spending more than 150 days a year with a fly rod in hand. Our designation as an Orvis Endorsed Outfitter is only further proof to the knowledge and professionalism that comes standard with each and every trip.

2. Access- The water Trouts Guide Service has access to is second to none in the area. Whether you're looking for a close-to-home public water outing, a small stream experience, wanting to throw streamers for aggressive brown trout in the fall, sight fish to wary rainbow trout in the spring, target technical risers with dry flies, treat yourself to some of the finest private water in the area, plan a corporate outing your co-workers will never forget, or simply just go catch a carp in the middle of downtown Denver, the water we have available to guide on can match any angling situation you're looking to experience!

3. New To The Sport- Every one of our guides fell into this category at one point in time and hasn't forgotten that fact. I always enjoy it when a customer booking a reservation and they say "put me with someone who is good with beginners". While I understand the sentiment being shared, the fact is that doesn't narrow down which guide will take the trip at all! Every single guide on our staff has helped countless first time/beginning anglers put their first trout in the fly on the net and can't wait to do it again. Simply put, we LOVE teaching beginning anglers and each year they give us all some of our most memorable days on the water. Learning to fly fish isn't always easy, but that doesn't mean it has to be hard. Having a professional guide along side to help tie knots, explain fly selection, and provide tips/pointers on casting, presentation and reading water will all lead to a much more enjoyable day on the water with much less frustration. There is no faster way to turn a beginner into a self-sustaining (and most importantly, successful!) angler than by spending time with a professional guide.

4. New To The State- I'd be lying if I didn't say this rings very true to me personally. Having spent years exploring Montana, Arkansas and Missouri -prior to moving to Colorado- I was feeling pretty confident in my ability to put trout in the net. Then something happened....I moved to Colorado....and yes, I started to get my butt kicked out on the river. New to the game was I at fishing small tippet with even smaller flies, technical sight fishing, learning to manage the crowds and ignore the negative banter that I’d often hear about this river or that. I knew there was a code that I just need to crack. Needless to say, the rivers that I now make my living off of were in my head…big time. I can say with certainty, Colorado has some of the best and most consistent fishing you’ll find anywhere, however many of our rivers do have a few “rules” you need to follow if you want to experience consistent success. If you’ve just moved here, I HIGHLY recommend booking a guided trip with us. I can assure you you’ll spend much more in gas money driving back and for the from the river trying to learn what could be attained in just 1 day on the water with one of our guides.

5. One Stop Shop- Aside from having the best Guide Service in the area, we ALSO have the best fly shop in the area. If you’ve never been into the shop before, make it a point to in the near future. Our fly selection alone- boasting over 3000 fly bins- is the best in the Rocky Mountain West and the rest of our retail offerings is equally impressive. Whether you’re looking for a small stream dry fly rod to hit the high country with, or a power-packed 12 weight to get you through your next Tarpon trip, everything you need to accomplish any angling goal is sitting right here under this one roof.

6. It's All Included- That’s right! No matter whether you’re booking a half or full day trip to either public or private water, EVERYTHING you need to enjoy your day is included in the cost of the trip. Waders/Boots/Rods/Reels/Leader/Tippet/Flies/Drinks/Lunch (full days only)- it’s all included! There are absolutely zero hidden costs in our pricing structure

7. Every trip is a custom trip- This final reason might just be my favorite of them all. Given the wide variety of water we have available to guide on, we have the opportunity to customize every trip to exactly what the customer is hoping to get out of their day. There is no “normal” guide trip for us. Our guides will always inquire as to what you’re hoping to learn and accomplish and custom design the day around these goals. No technique is too simple or advanced for our guide staff and helping you accomplish your angling goals is our top priority!

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