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8 Best Places to get your Sunday Football and Fishing Fix: Part 1 - The Blue River

Ivan Orsic / Sep 23, 2017

We've all seen that bumper sticker, "If God's not a Broncos Fan, then why are the Sunsets Orange?" When September hits there is no doubt that Colorado's attention turns to the Orange and Blue. Now, fall is one of the best time to be on the water. Cooling temps, aggressive trout, scenic views, and fewer people on the river are all reasons that fall is great. Here at Trouts, we believe that you don't have to make the hard choice between football and fishing on fall sundays. You can have it all! That's why we have assembled a list of 8 great spots to watch the Broncos game in between your morning and afternoon shifts on the water. This is a bi-weekly feature that we will be featuring on the blog for the remainder of the 2017-2018 football season. Here is Part 1 of 8.

PART 1: Baker's Brewery & The Blue River Through Silverthorne.

The Blue River through Silverthorne is the perfect spot to spend an early fall day. The drive on I-70 from the Front Range can be especially colorful this time of year. With many people's focus turned to waters dominated by potentially trophy brown trout, the sizable rainbow trout of the Blue River below the Dillon Reservoir are generally left to their own devices. Combine that with the potential for a migrating brown trout out of Green Mountain Reservoir means that the Blue River is a day well spent.

The Broncos play at 2:25 PM this Sunday. Hit the river early and settle in at Baker's Brewery once the game starts. We recommend the wings, the Santa Fe Burger, Bonfire IPA, and of course a giant chocolate chip cookie to round out your meal. After the sun sets and the sky loses that Broncos Orange tint, head back to the Blue for a little night time session. Just because the sun is down, doesn't mean those Blue River rainbows have stopped eating.

The View of The Baker's Brewery. Just in time for Thursday Night Football!

Wings. Beer. Game!

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