Trouts Journal

“Chillin” in the Louisiana Marsh

Ivan Orsic / Oct 8, 2015

Weather forecasts for the week were consistent across the board; sunny with a high in the upper 70’s to low 80’s with wind around 15mph. This is why you head south to fish the Louisiana marsh in the fall, perfect weather and the potential for huge bull redfish. But as Capt. Brian Carter and I were driving south towards Venice on day one, we quickly began losing faith in the projected forecast. By the time we had the boat in the water, the sky was completely overcast, the wind was blowing about 20mph, and the temperature was quickly falling. This was to be our reality for the next four days, gloomy weather and cold temps.

Now I will be the first to say one should always pack for a multi-day fishing trip expecting the worse, because at the end of the day you never know what may happen. So maybe I was complacent, or just hell bent on enjoying some ideal fishing conditions, but to say I was underprepared for this trip is a huge understatement. Shorts? Check. Sun shirts? Check. Rain jacket? Check. Rain pants, extra layers and a warm hat? No need, the weather’s going to be perfect!

But at the end of the day, what were we to do. The weather was not be perfect, and we were resigned to the fact that we were going to be perpetually cold, but the fish were there and we were determined to make the most of the experience. So for four days we endured the cold, and our captain was able to put us into some memorable Louisiana redfish.

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