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A Holiday Treat - Education Videos from the Legendary Jack Dennis

Ivan Orsic / Dec 31, 2018

Last year, Tanner and Dave had an opportunity to fish with the legendary Jack Dennis on some of his favorite Wyoming waters. From all the stories those two brought back, there's no doubt that Jack Dennis still has the drive (and a little bit of that requisite crazy) that it takes to be a great angler and effective instructor.

Not only is Jack the man behind two of the most effective dry flies patterns of all-time (the Amy's Ant and the Parawulff), but he also founded the iconic One Fly tournament in Jackson, Wyoming. He's guided, hosted TV shows, written best-selling books, coached the USA fly fishing team, lectured at sports shows. The point is, Jack Dennis has done it all.

I say all of that, to say this. Jack is uploading videos on to Youtube. Some videos are excerpts from old classic shows, some are short and educational (TIP of the DAYS), some are fly tying based, but all of them are Jack Dennis to the core.

We've enjoyed his recent uploads and we think you might, as well. Subscribe to Jack Dennis' YOUTUBE Channel! Here are a couple of our favorites.

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