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A Review of the NEW Sage Trout LL Fly Rod

Ivan Orsic / Jul 30, 2019

As the summer progresses, we find ourselves on the front end of what should be a fantastic dry fly season. If you're a delicate dry fly presentation kind of angler and the idea of picking the king of the herd out of a pack of risers gets your juices flowing, then the arrival of the SAGE Trout LL should bring a smile to your face. Sage produced a worthy tool for your arsenal of fly rods, whether you're fishing dries on small streams or big rivers. The new SAGE Trout LL arrives this August.

The SAGE Trout LL will be available from 3 through 6 weights in a variety of length. It is a medium-action fly rod that was designed to present dry flies with the best of them. With nods the old Sage Light Line, the Trout LL sports some classic, understated styling and has a smooth casting taper.

I was able to get my hands on a demo of the 486-4 Trout LL (8-foot 6-inch 4 weight) and spent a day throwing dry flies to willing freestone fish. From my experience, this rod shines 35 feet and in. While it has a surprising amount of power and can deliver a fly accurately at distance, the Trout LL is at it's best making close casts, dinking and dunking dry flies with precision. SAGE is known for their fast-action fly rods. The Trout LL goes against the Sage grain a bit. It's a full-flex, medium action fly rod that casts smoothly and puts dries on a dime.

I paired the Trout LL with the RIO Gold because I was throwing bigger, bushier dries, double dry fly rigs, and dry droppers. With a slightly more aggressive head than your standard fly line, the pairing turned over stimulators and big parawulffs like a dream. If you're throwing long leaders and small flies, consider pairing this rod with the ALL new RIO Technical Trout fly line as it is designed to cast long leaders at distance. The Dry fly rods need accuracy and feel and the Trout LL has both in spades. Reach casts, tight, precise loops, delicate presentations, the Sage Trout LL can do it all. If you're in the market for a dry fly specific rod, the Sage Trout LL fits the bill.

Trico season is coming...not saying, just saying.


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