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Abel TR Fly Reel Preview

Ivan Orsic / Jan 24, 2018

Abel debuted the all-new Abel TR Fly Reel at the 2018 Denver Fly Fishing Show earlier this month. Bringing back the classic click-and-pawl trout reel series, there is no disputing that the new TR is an extremely handsome reel. Abel is shooting for a spring (fingers crossed, April) release of the new TR, which will be available in two sizes (2/3 and 4/5). The new TR features a unique half-ported/half-solid design on the frame which will show off some of those classic Abel custom finishes really well. Another notable feature is the lack of a visible counter-balance. This was done with strategic positioning of the internal click mechanism. As always, we can always count on Abel for a unique touch and they've outdone themselves with some internal engraving.

Want to hear the Abel TR in action? Press play below.

Half-ported/Half-Solid. All Abel.

The Abel TR truly is a trout reel and Abel engraved a caddis fly, mayfly, and stonefly in the interior of the reel to drive that point home. It's the little things.

As always, the Abel machining is second to none.

The updated Abel TR 4/5 Fly Reel

Another look at the unique frame.

The internals of the new Abel TR Fly Reel


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