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Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula 8/16 - 8/24

Ivan Orsic / Sep 4, 2014

I had the privilege of spending the last week of August with my Dad, Brother, and our family friend Bob exploring Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. As to be expected, the fishing was phenomenal, the scenery spectacular, and the wildlife abundant. Below are a few of our favorite moments from our adventure.

The Drive in from Anchorage

Steven started the trip out right with a nice King. I don't think he had ever seen backing before.

The Pinks were thick, and a lot were brought to hand thanks to the R.L. Winston BIII-SX and the Nautilus FWX

Hooked up on the Kasilof.

One of many Humpy doubles.

The Silvers were just starting to show. Definitely one of the most fun fish I have caught on a fly rod.

Love was in the air, and beads were on the menu on the Russian.

It was great to get my Dad into some big fish on the fly rod.

The Homer Spit.

The Simms Slick Jacket kept me dry and cozy while putting meat in the freezer.

Tailwalking Pink

My first visit to the 49th State was everything I could have hoped for. It was great spending time with family and friends in one of the most visually stunning places on the planet, with stupid good fishing to boot. It was most certainly a trip to remember.

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