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All-New Ross Reels Gunnison Fly Reel - PRE-ORDER NOW!

Ivan Orsic / Mar 14, 2018

Ross Reels isn't resting on their laurels and the quality of the new reels, coming out of their Montrose, Colorado shop, are a testament to that. Ross took on the challenge of redesigning and improving upon two iconic fly reels and they've knocked both out of the park. First, it was the redesigned Evolution LTX fly reel, now it's the reimagined Ross Reels Gunnison Fly Reel.

Like the LTX, the all-new 2018 Ross Reels Gunnison Fly Reel pays tribute to it's original aesthetics with octagonal machining, round porting and a leader groove on the frame. Rugged and reliable, the new Ross Reels Gunnison Fly Reel is built to take abuse on the water and it features a high-performance drag system that is based on the same platform as the new Evolution LTX. The new Gunnison is a contemporary, large arbor fly reel with classic retro styling. It's difficult to replace an icon, but Ross Reels continues to impress and they've certainly designed and produced an instant classic. The all-new 2018 Ross Reels Gunnison Fly Reel will ship in April.


Octagonal machining and the iconic RR plate on the drag knob, the all-new 2018 Ross Reels Gunnison Fly Reel is a looker.

We can't get enough of the classic design touches that Ross included in the new iteration of the Gunnison.

The machining is impressive and that drag knob certainly pops.

Like the LTX, the Gunnison features a leader loop to keep your leader unkinked while traveling between fishing spots.

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