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Ivan Orsic / Jan 1, 2022

Feel brand new in 2022 with the brand new product options from Simms Fly Fishing. Simms has once again proven why they are an industry leader when it comes to fly fishing equipment. For 2022, Simms is bringing a brand new revamped design to the G3 Guide Waders (both men's and women's) a new edition of the Simms Dry Creek Z backpack, and a new edition of the Guide BOA Boots. Similar to a few years back the most anticipated product coming out of Simms is their G3 wader, users can expect a more breathable, comfortable, and more puncture-resistant pair of waders that are sure to be the best waders on the market. Once again Simms is showing why they have set the standard and will continue to be the brand that others aspire to beat. If you are interested in a more in-depth look at the G3 Waders, Guide BOA Boots, or the Simms Dry Creek Z click on the options below to learn more! We were super lucky to get our hands on a couple of pieces for their 2022 product launch and are super stoked to be able to share our experiences with you!

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