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An Update From Denver Water || Roberts Tunnel - 7/29

Ivan Orsic / Jul 29, 2021

If you have been paying attention to the weather forecast recently, you might have noticed that there is plenty of rain in the forecast. All of the forecasted rain is fantastic news for our finned friends that live below the waterline, especially those that reside in the Colorado River. Due to the high percentage of rain in the forecast, Denver Water has stated a statement regarding the outflows of Roberts Tunnel. As of July 29th, 2021, Denver water has reduced the current outflow of the Roberts Tunnel to 50 CFS. This reduction is down 50 CFS from the original 100 CFS. Given the projected forecast and the previous rainfall, Denver Water has decided to turn off the outflow from Roberts Tunnel. This shutoff is expected to remain through the weekend. The shutoff at Roberts Tunnel will allow the additional water gained over the coming days to support the Western Slope and Colorado River! This statement is very positive news coming from Denver Water, and their decision to shut off Roberts Tunnel will only benefit the Colorado River.

" With the current rain prediction, we are reducing the Roberts Tunnel today by 50cfs. This will modify the outflow of the Roberts Tunnel to be 50cfs, down from 100cfs. Also, it is likely that the Roberts Tunnel will be fully turned off tomorrow, which would last throughout the weekend. When the tunnel is turned off, that additional water stays on the West Slope and supports the Colorado River. - Denver Water Agent "

More from Denver Water Community Specialist:

The Roberts Tunnel is a critical component to Denver Water's ability to deliver safe, reliable drinking water to 1.5 million people. When the Roberts Tunnel is operating, it adds water from the West Slope to the North Fork, enhancing natural river flows until it is collected at Strontia Springs Reservoir before being sent to a treatment plant for cleaning and distribution.

Denver Water does make a good faith effort to estimate for anglers and outfitters when the tunnel will operate, but changing weather, customer demand or other factors mean those projections can change as operations are made in real time and it may not be possible to provide all notifications until after the change is implemented.

For the most up-to-date information please visit the Denver Water website as well as Colorado Parks and Wildlife for updates on closures and regulations.

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