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Announcing the new Umpqua ZS2 Packs and Bags - ZeroSweep 2

Ivan Orsic / Aug 16, 2019

Our good friends over at Umpqua Feather Merchants just announced their new line of ZeroSweep packs and bags, dubbed the ZS2 line (or ZeroSweep 2). Building on the foundation of the original ZeroSweep packs, they've added a modular element to the design of these packs and bags. Utilizing molle webbing, you can build your perfect pack by adding and organizing a line of essential accessories to your ZS2 pack and bag.

The accessories that can be added to each respective ZS2 pack and bag include a Gel Floatant Holder, Shimi Shake Holder, Tippet Holder, Foam Fly Patch, Net Quiver, Water Bottle Holder, Wader Chest Pack, and Roll-Top Wader Chest Pack.

Available in September 2019, we're super excited the new ZS2 packs and bags. At Trouts, we know that there's no true perfect pack or bag for any one person. Everyone likes something a little bit different when they're on the water, which is why the modular nature of molle webbing on the new ZS2 packs is so exciting.

The Ledges 650 ZS2 Waist Pack, Ledges 500 ZS2 Waist Pack, Overlook 500 ZS2 Chest Pack, Rock Creek ZS2 Compact Chest Pack, Wader ZS2 Chest Pack, Bandolier ZS2 Sling, and Steamboat ZS2 1200 Sling Pack. all received molle webbing refreshes to their functional and intuitive designs. Additionally, Umpqua added the Wader Belt ZS2 to the fold for the person who wants to maximize the amount of customization they get with their lumbar fishing system. The new packs and bags will be available in two colors: Camo and Olive.

New Umpqua ZS2 Packs and Bags

New Umpqua ZS2 Accessories

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