Trouts Journal

Another Photo Contest Winner!

Ivan Orsic / Nov 29, 2012

This week’s winner is Denver’s own Jeff Johnson. Jeff submitted this great shot of a BC bull trout and also this video to go along with it. New to bull trout? Here’s the skinny:

The bull trout, Salvelinus confluentus, is a char, native to northwestern North America. Like other species of char, the fins of a bull trout has white leading edges. Its head and mouth are unusually large for salmonids, giving it its name. Bull trout have been recorded measuring up to 41 inches in length and weighing 32 lbs.

Today’s prize: a Trout's signature Fly Box and a pair of fishpond koozies (with the temperatures pushing into the 60s again this weekend it is important to keep those beverages cold!).

You can check all of the photo contest entries out at the #troutsflyfishing hash tag. New to instagram? Here is a quick 101 on how it works.

Haven’t submitted your photo yet? Get after it. The grand prize is a fishpond Sling Pack, which will be awarded at the end of the month. Want to check out a gear review on the Sling Pack? Click HERE.

Stay tuned to #troutsflyfishing and next week. We’re going to showcase a short list of finalists and announce the grand prize winner.

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