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Bajio | ALL-NEW On-the-Water Performance Sunglasses for 2021

Ivan Orsic / Apr 16, 2021

There's a new kid on the block in the world of sunglasses. A new kid with plenty of proven pedigree to go around. We're excited to welcome Bajío Sunglasses into the Denver shop!

Bajio is the Spanish word for the shallows, that part of the ocean that sits between the land and the deep blue. It is the connection zone, teeming with life. It’s the nursery of the ocean where most sea creatures are born and raised.

There's a lot to love about these new offerings in the world of angling-focused, performance sunglasses. With six custom-developed lens colors designed for specific light conditions and environments, Bajio Sunglasses provide a visual, on-the-water experience that is second to none.

Each pair of Bajio sunglasses are made with sustainability at the forefront with lightweight bio-based nylon frames paired with blue light blocking polarized lenses. They're designed to filter out the bad and enhance the good, making it easier to spot fish, structure, and ease the strain on your eyes over the course of a full day on the water!

Their LAPIS lens technology enables our lenses to block blue light when you’re in the sun, keeping your eyes fresh and your vision clear. Fresh eyes for a rich life.

Swing by the shop or check them out online!


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