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BAJIO SUNGLASSES // Buy a Pair Get a SeaDek Fly Patch

Ivan Orsic / Apr 14, 2022

If you were to look around Trouts Denver on any given day, you would find that almost every staff member now owns a pair of Bajio Sunglasses. Why? Because they are simply the best fly fishing sunglasses on the market, plain and simple. We're excited to have a large selection of Bajio Sunglasses in the Denver shop and are eager to offer a special promotion for those looking to grab the best pair of sunglasses.

While supplies last, we will be offering a free SeaDek Fly Patch for every purchase of Bajio Sunglasses made in-store or online!

Bajio is the Spanish word for the shallows, that part of the ocean between the land and the deep blue. It is the connection zone, teeming with life. It’s the ocean's nursery where most sea creatures are born and raised.

Over the past year, this small grassroots company has proven that they produce some of the best sunglasses an angler–or any outdoor enthusiast–can find. Although the company just had its one-year celebration, the minds behind Bajio Sunglasses have a proven pedigree and track record when it comes to sunglass design.

Designed to be aesthetically pleasing and provide maximum traction, SeaDek is the premium surface for any boat angler. Their non-slip, skid-resistant decking material is built to weather the harshest climates, giving you steady traction and peace of mind year-round. In other words, you can feel comfortable placing this fly patch anywhere and know that it will always be there. At trouts, we use SeaDek on just about every surface for its proven durability, customizability, and comfort. Don’t think that SeaDek only belongs on a boat.

If you are interested in learning more about the new kid on the block, click HERE

The Bajio brand is here to stay. They provide top-notch eyewear for any angler in any situation. Personally, my favorites are the Bajio Nippers in a tortoise colorway with a rose-colored glass lens. The amount of light these let in is insane, and they allow me to see what other brands can’t. We have a great post on the blog covering the importance of sunglasses. If you are interested in learning why they are essential, click HERE.

Only after wearing a pair of Bajios will you realize what you are missing out on. Only after wearing a pair will you truly see what’s out there.

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