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Battle of the Bug Tiers

Ivan Orsic / Aug 21, 2012

Come join Trout’s Fly Fishing and two world class signature fly tiers on August 24 (2:00pm-5:00pm) here in the shop for a FREE tying demonstration. In one corner, hailing from “Pure” Michigan, Kevin Morlock. Morlock is going to demonstrate how to tie his deadly effective “Rock Hopper.”

Kevin had this to say about this pattern recently:

“I was recently asked what my one fly would be if I had to choose and based on this season I’d go with the RockHopper. It gets to the bottom quickly with the Sculpin Helmet head doing an excellent job of keeping the hook oriented up. This fly is very snag free,” said Morlock. “The size and color combination accented in bright pink gets their attention from a distance and even better keeps them coming fast to suck it down.”

Here are the nuts and bolts:

Morlock’s Rockhopper (in tying order):
Hook: Mustad R74, size 4.
Tail 1: finn raccoon zonker in tan.
Tail 2: Centipede Legs, speckled orange in medium.
Tail 3: Flashabou Accent, grizzly in black/copper.
Body: Senyo’s Laser Dub in hot pink.
Underwing: Wapsi Palmer Chenille in medium, root beer (couple wraps)
Hackle: schlappen, black and brown tied together.
Outerwing: Flashabou Accent, grizzly in black/copper (6 or so strands tied around).
Head: Fish Skull, Sculpin Helmet in brown, small.

In the other corner stands Jean-Paul Lipton -aka - the roughfisher. Born and raised on the white sand beaches of Hawaii with a rod on his hand, JP now hails from a "Land of 10,000 Lakes." Roughy is going to be tying a Denver South Platte favorite - Carp Crack. This fly is also chronicled in the Fall 2012 issue of the Drake Magazine.

Here is the recipe, come to the shop and see how it is done:

Carp Crack

Hook: Mustad 34007/S71SZ, Size 6

Thread: UNI-thread 6/0, Red

Antennae: Medium Centipede Legs, Hot Orange

Body: Roughfisher's Seal Sub Dub, Burnt Orange

Front Hackle: Ruffed Grouse or Hungarian Partridge, Dark/Brown

Thorax: Roughfisher's Seal Sub Dub, Burnt Orange

Eyes: #8 Bead chain, orange

Both tiers are going to be guiding Denver Trout Unlimited’s Carp Slam 6 and we’ll be joining the Evening on the South Platte after party. Come by the shop to meet Kevin and JP, learn a little about tying these patterns, and most importantly... have some fun on a Friday and take advantage of our Happy Hour Specials.

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