Trouts Journal

Bi-Weekly Video Fishing Report & Forecast - April 11th Edition

Ivan Orsic / Apr 11, 2019

Trouts own Ivan Orsic is back to talk about the current river and fishing conditions throughout Colorado. Hey, look, it's snowing in April...It's spring in the Rockies!

Blue Wings are hatching on a daily basis along the South Platte and fish are responding, especially on cloudy days. Your typical small mayfly nymph imitations are working well and we're starting to see caddis become more active subsurface, so be prepared with your favorite caddis nymphs - we like Splatte Rollers - when fish start to key in on them.

Along the freestones, we've seen a little bump in flows, but the next couple of days of cool weather should level out those flows. Blue-wings, big stones, caddis, and attractors are all productive along our freestones. Don't forget about streamers. Fish are eager for a big meal after a long winter up in the high country.

Prefer your River Reports in writing? No problem, be sure to check out our Fishing Information page for up-to-date fishing reports!

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