Trouts Journal

Bi-Weekly Video Fishing Report & Forecast - November 1st Edition

Ivan Orsic / Nov 1, 2019

Sure, it snowed a lot last weekend. Sure, it was cold. However, as we talked about earlier this week, things are looking pretty mild and fall-ish as we enter the weekend. What's that mean for us? Well, to start, we'll be a bit more comfortable while fishing the traditionally smaller flies of late fall. But, that also keeps blue-winged olives in play for the foreseeable future. Midges will start to increase in importance both subsurface and on top. However, our beloved Blue-Wings, especially in low light, will remain a great option as we charge head-on into November.

Don't forget about streamers this time of year...especially on the freestones. As water temperatures continue to decline in November, varying your retrieve can pay off in a major way. Fish are looking to put on pounds as winter closes in and they'll still move pretty aggressively to a big offering.

Prefer your River Reports in writing? No problem, be sure to check out our Fishing Information page for up-to-date fishing reports!

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