Trouts Journal

Bighorn River: The Photo Journal

Ivan Orsic / Mar 1, 2016

If you know anything about us here at the shop, then you know we all have a soft spot in our hearts for the Bighorn River. Just a little over half a day's drive away, this is one of those rivers that you don't visit for the first time and then say "Eh, once is enough". This place gets in your blood.

With 5000-7000 fish per mile in the upper few miles, this truly is a 'do-all' river for the fly-angler. Like to throw dries? Get ready to experience some of the best hatch activity you'll find ANYWHERE. Streamers more your game? On a good day getting over 100 fish to chase your streamer is not unheard of. More of the nymphing type? Then prepare to keep the net handy throughout the day.....You get the idea.

Andrew and his dad recently took a few days to off to make both of their inagural trips to Ft. Smith and despite what Andrew described as "the worst weather he's ever fished in", they still had no trouble piling up the numbers- including Andrews first trout on the swing with a two-hander!

Nice job guys.

Looking at these pictures sure makes me wish I was headed to the Bighorn this upcoming weekend....oh wait, I am. (hint hint: stay tuned for the report next week!)

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