Trouts Journal

PHOTO ESSAY: Brown Trout and Blue Skies

Ivan Orsic / Mar 25, 2019

The morning started with a classic text from Tanner, "Where the *#$% are you?" It was 6:30am and Tanner and Ben were already waiting for me. First time for everything, I guess.

I responded with "What's the rush?" When in reality I knew what the rush was...

"We need more time for beer beer drinkin' that is."

I grabbed my gear, headed out the door and started listening to a soft tune on the radio to prepare myself for the jibber-jabber that's about to ensue. When we arrived at the river the boys were buzzin'. The sun was out, the red beers put some zang in our step and hopefully, the trout would be willing to eat some big bugs. Enjoy the photos!

PS: A red beer is a Coors Light topped off with some Bloody Mary mix (Zing Zang is preferable). You're welcome.

Tanner and Ben probably discussing when they should eat the Twix bar they bought.

Ben stepped into a run and Gus was judging hard.

Tanner nymphed one up from the depths...

Gotta love when they eat the big bug!

A few fish later we moved spots to find a promising looking run.

It's a beaut Clark, Its a beaut!

With fish on the board, we headed back for some food. At this moment, Ben realized that he ate the whole Twix bar and Tanner was about to be quite livid.

But he was too distracted molding the perfect hamburger...

Good job Tanner...thanks for feeding me.

We headed back out thinking about streamer eats...

Woah there buddy...need a hand?

Ben swung one up on the white streamer

I got in on the action with a black streamer...they weren't being too picky.

Tanner likes fishing close to his friends to make sure we can hear all the wise words he has for us...just kidding he just loves a good smack talk session.

This seemed like a damn fine fish to end the day long folks!

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