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Ivan Orsic / May 30, 2018

You've undoubtedly seen the specialty "Protect Our Rivers" Colorado license plates on vehicles throughout the Centennial State. Those three words send a strong statement of river conservation and coincidently all of the donations generated by the "Protect Our Rivers" license plates goes towards the conservation, protection, and restoration of rivers and streams in Colorado. However, if Colorado Trout Unlimited does not hit their goal of having 3,000 cars sporting the "Protect Our Rivers" license plate by the end of June 2018, the state of Colorado will no longer offer these special license plates. We don't want to see this good thing go away. So, we wanted to let y'all know how to get your very own "Protect Our Rivers" license plate and spread the good word about Colorado's rivers!

How do you procure one of these awesome license plates and support a very worthy cause?

Visit and donate at least $25 to Colorado Trout Unlimited by completing the application for the plates. After you complete your application on, follow the detailed instructions provided.

Misplaced your certificate for the plates? Just shoot Andrea at CTU an email at and CTU will email you a new PDF copy that you can print to take into your county motor vehicles office and redeem your plates.

Not yet due to renew your vehicle registration? No problem! Your county will pro-rate your registration charge to reflect the months you have already paid on your last renewal.

In Colorado, you also will have to pay the State a one-time only $50 fee to get the specialized plate, but after that, the plates are yours forever!

You can find your county's motor vehicle here at the Division of Motor Vehicles website (under "county title and registration offices"). Once you submit your certificate and pay the associated fees through your county office, the plates are mailed to you.

Thank you for your support for Colorado's rivers and helping us spread the word by sharing your badge of honor.

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