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CARP TIES with Daryl Angler // How to tie the Detroit Mop City

Ivan Orsic / Feb 4, 2022

In the first of three videos, Umpqua Signature Designer and owner of Nervous Water Flies - Daryl Angler gives us peek behind the curtain when it comes to fly design and how he constructs this general attractor/grub imitation fly that puts fish in the net up and down the Front Range. Here's Daryl's take on the fly:

"Here is a mop pattern with some moxy! There is a lot happening here with a tapered and curved tail, a breathing thorax, and feathers and dubbing for the collar and wing; and they all seal the deal here. I wasn’t approaching this as anything other than a big, plump, irresistible aquatic grub/crane fly larva.

This comes in small and med lead eyes allowing some versatility from Stillwater to the river. Although the small lead eyes may seem a little heavy for some still water applications, don’t be fooled. A gentle pendulum cast with a drag and drop finish will yield results! Another quick river tip is to use the DMC as your point fly, a fly of your choice as your dropper, and tight lining the run. I will nymph deep runs with this rig when fish are holding deep and visibility is poor, referring back to euro nymphing techniques."

Stay tuned for the next two episodes of Carp Ties, including the Wakame Salad video he references a couple of times.

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