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CO Urban River Water Quality Rollback: Update

Will Rice / Jul 5, 2021

Last month Trouts Fly Fishing made our customers aware of a proposal that was under consideration that could impact rivers across Colorado as well as the South Platte River here in Denver. Over one thousand people heeded Colorado Trout Unlimited’s call to sign a petition opposing these water quality rule changes ahead of the Colorado Water Quality Control Commissions (QWQCC) review of the proposal.

Although the issue is complex, the outcome for the South Platte River here in Denver is straightforward – and unfortunate. Below is an excerpt released by CTU on the QWQCC’s decision released on July 1st, 2021:

“TU was relieved that the Commission’s decision keeps intact the existing rule, with its requirement that antidegradation protection applies unless human-made pollution is shown to be irreversible, rather than rolling that policy back yet further and enabling greater pollution on more streams like the Denver South Platte. However, the Commission’s failure to affirm the current requirement and even discuss revisiting the inconsistent 2020 South Platte decision simply ignores the public’s pleas to better protect the urban waterway. The Commission’s action leaves the door open for it to, once again, disregard the rule and deprive streams of antidegradation protection for human pollution, even if the damage is reversible, as they did to the South Platte in 2020.” – Colorado Trout Unlimited

For more information and analysis on the issue and the decision, CLICK HERE, for an article by Michael Booth published by the Colorado

Trouts will continue to keep readers apprised and updated on issues that impact the fisheries and natural resources we all enjoy – as well as those who undertake the fight to protect them.

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