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Trouts Gives Back: CTU Headwater Funds

Ivan Orsic / Mar 13, 2017

At Trouts, we are fortunate enough to be able to have access to the Colorado River, western United States' most iconic waterway, in our "backyard." The Colorado faces a large array of threats, mostly in the form of water diversion to the front range. This year, like previous years, a large portion of the money that Trouts donates to Colorado Trout Unlimited (CTU) is earmarked for the Upper Colorado. In 2017, much of our donations will be directed to the CTU Headwaters Fund. Donations to the CTU Headwaters Fund will support advocacy on behalf of the Fraser and Colorado Rivers and on-the-ground monitoring of fish and habitat to guide the “Learning by Doing” effort with Denver Water and Northern Water.

One of the first projects that the Headwaters Fund will support is the Fraser Flats project. The focus of the Fraser Flats project will be improving a one mile section of the Fraser River, a tributary to the upper Colorado River. These restoration efforts seek to improve habitat, aquatic insect health and populations, and fish health and populations. We are proud to continue to support Colorado Trout Unlimited and the conservation efforts they support and fund.

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