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Ivan Orsic / Dec 30, 2018

Umpqua Signature Fly Tying Classes

Trouts is excited to be partnered with Colorado's own Umpqua Feather Merchants and to be offering these one-of-a-kind classes. Our signature tying series gives you the opportunity to share a...

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Ivan Orsic / Oct 26, 2018

5 Tips for Fly Fishing Low Water

In the past week, we have seen flows lowered all along the South Platte, as well as other tailwater fisheries. From the looks of it, the traditional low flows of...

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Ivan Orsic / Aug 27, 2018

WATCH: The Two Knots You Need To Start Fly Fishing

There are plenty of knots with a variety of applications in fly fishing. However, when you start off, the sheer number of potential knots to use can be overwhelming. When...

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Ivan Orsic / Aug 17, 2018

Trouts Tips: How to Choose The Right Leader Length

The amount of information can be pretty overwhelming when you first start off in the world of fly fishing. One question that we get a lot in the shop is...

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Ivan Orsic / Jul 24, 2018

Trouts Tips: Don't Throw Your Cast

Dropping your rod tip on that delivery cast is a common mistake that many of us fly anglers make. This opens up our loop and doesn't allow for line to...

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Ivan Orsic / Jul 23, 2018

Top Five Water Types to Fish in the Late Summer

As we continue to deal with low flows and warming water this summer, as an angler, it's important to make the most of your time on the water. With that...

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