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GEAR GUIDE || Eight Picks to Start Fly Tying

Ivan Orsic / Nov 4, 2020

While we're lucky to have no true off-season for fly fishing here in Colorado, there's no denying that the shorter days of winter are a great time to tie flies. Someone needs to fill your summer fly boxes, it might as well be you. Add in the fact that catching a trout on a fly you tied is without a doubt one of the most rewarding experiences this great sport can offer and there's no better time to start tying your own flies.

With that in mind, we've put together a collection of gear that will help get you started in the world of fly tying.

We'd be remissed if we didn't mention, that we have a variety of introductory fly tying classes to help you jump-start your fly tying "career," so to say. You can find more details on upcoming classes on the SCHEDULE.

Renzetti 2200 Traveler Fly Tying Vise with Pedestal

It's awful hard to tie flies without a rotary vise and while you can certainly find great options at lower price points, there's no sense not getting a quality vise when you start your fly tying journey. It's damn near impossible to tie a fly effectively without a vise. The Traveler 2200 comes with anodized aluminum parts and a black powder-coated pedestal base. The Traveler offers the True Rotary feature Renzetti Inc is known for, as well as portability, unquestionable hook holding power and an affordable price.

Umpqua Dream Stream Bobbin

Beyond a vise, the bobbin is perhaps the most essential tool for fly tying. The bobbin holds your thread spool and allows you to maintain tension on the thread as you wrap it around the hook. The Umpqua Dream Stream Bobbin is perfect for beginners and works with a variety of threads, spools, and wires. This bobbin is constructed of surgical-grade Japanese stainless steel and the thread tension can be easily adjusted.

Umpqua Dream Stream Whip Finisher

Used to tie off your thread and finish the fly, the Dream Stream Whip Finisher is the ideal finishing tool for beginners. A whip finish is a clean and durable way to complete your fly and is a must have when you're starting out in the world of fly tying. The slick and easy rotation enables any tyer to put the perfect finishing touches on a fly.

Umpqua Dream Stream Plus Scissor

As you dive into the world of fly tying, you'll come to realize that it's very precise and technical. The cuts need to be clean and consistent, enter the Umpqua Dream Stream Plus Scissor.

Hard as Hull Head Cement

When you're starting down the path of fly tying, you need durability over everything and the Hard as Hull Head Cement is super durable. The perfect way to finish your fly and make it stands the test of time...well past the point when you lose it to a tree. The cap has a built-in brush adaptor and the cement is quick-drying for all types of thread and floss.

Umpqua Dream Stream Hackle Plier

Many of the flies you'll start tying require that you wrap feathers around some portion or the entirety of the pattern. If you're like most of us, you might not have the most delicate touch. The Umpqua Dream Stream Hackle Plier is the ideal pair of Hackle Pliers for beginner tyers and make it super easy to wrap all sorts of feathers. The Dream Stream Hackle Plier have a proven design with rubber pads to grip feathers without damage.

Umpqua Dream Stream Bodkin With Half-Hitch

Remember when we said fly tying is a precision and technical game. The Bodkin is perhaps the most versatile tool in your fly tying gear arsenal. This micro beast of burden has you covered with a single swing leaf and two-variable inserts of molded and magnetic storage options. The Dream Stream bodkin is great for clearing hook eyes, applying head cement, and picking dubbing. The other end of this tool is a half hitch tool, perfectly suited for tying knots.

Umpqua Dream Stream Hair Stacker

While stacking hair might be one of the more advanced and difficult techniques to take on in fly tying, that doesn't mean you should shy away from it. The Umpqua Dream Stream Hair Stacker is easy and quick to use. It effortlessly evens the tips of elk, deer, calftail, etc., Simply cut a clump of hair, brush out any fine underfur and place clump in stacker tips first…tap on desk 5-10 times, turn and remove perfectly stacked hair.

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