Trouts Journal

ESSAY: The Quickie

Ivan Orsic / Jun 26, 2018

By Brian Hume - Regional Marketing Manager - Trouts Frisco

"Boat Ramp Apprehension"

Rules for a Quickie can vary wildly but they tend to hover in the areas of unplanned, a bit rushed, and a feeling of getting away with something you shouldn't have. So, when the familiar sound alerting you to an incoming text comes in asking, “tonight?”, you almost blush. You have to make it happen but how? What are you going to tell the Mrs.? The game is to see if you can rearrange everything for the night in fifteen minutes. Hurdle after hurdle is cleared and finally, the text is replied to. “State Bridge 4:30. I have a boat, beer, and firewood.”

"Early bird gets rewarded..."

Hooking up the ‘93 Hyde and loading the truck take only minutes because, well, I love a quickie. Years of promiscuity have resulted in keeping my Quickie gear fairly well organized and at the ready. The set-up consists of two NRS roll-top duffel bags, Fishpond boat bag, and an old duffel bag with firewood/ax/fire grate. I usually put my waders on at the house to save time and to have a valid excuse if I get pulled over speeding. The dust cloud chasing my truck down the gravel washboard to the put-in can really piss some people off but there is not a soul in sight on a Tuesday night at 5:00 pm. Cracking of beers signals the subtle yet powerful taste of a small win and the first cast is made.

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