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F3T: The Follow Up

Ivan Orsic / Jan 28, 2015

The good times just keep on rolling at Trouts Fly Fishing!

I think it's safe to say the Fly Fishing Film Tour's premier this past Saturday exceeded everyone's expectations. For the few of us that had seen the venue prior to Saturday for planning purposes, we knew it was going to be an awesome event. However, once the decorations were hung, the band was playing, and nearly 900 people came though the doors, this event definitely turned into all we could have hoped for and more! (for comparison, we used to end up in the 600 person range between both shows at the old venue)

Thanks to everyone who bought a VIP ticket, as well as the generous participation from all in attendance through raffle ticket sales. Together these activities raised approximately $5000 for Defend The Upper Colorado River! $3500 alone came from the VIP sales!

Thanks as well goes out to all the film makers who's hardwork and creative vision produced some of the best fly-fishing videos to ever hit the market. The cinematography continues to improve by the year and the soundtracks, as always, kept the crowd seriously pumped! I think it's safe to assume everyone in attendance now wants to now turn off their cell phone and go to Cuba, Catalina Island, Alaska, Iceland and Mongolia....but is going to settle in the meantime for simply stepping up their Carp or Brown trout game while dreaming about catching a Redfish on the surface.

Here are a few photos from the night. Hope everyone had a great time and look forward to making it even bigger and better in 2016!

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